Pile of Skakdi by ValkyrieLightDragon

So myself and Amelia did another ridiculously long pchat last night, and here’s my half of the dump. (here’s her half, look at her awesome Roodaka and Vezon heeee)

By golly these guys are fun to draw. Like I do not understand why their expressions are all the same in the comics; you can do so much with a face full of teeth.

And also I have something like ten new headcanons running after this and I’d spam you if I wrote them all here but I will share this: since all MU residents still alive basically existed since the beginning of its creation, that means the Piraka actually remember what happened before and during Spiriah’s experiment. THINK ABOUT THAT. (*rubs hands* I smell story-telling potential feheheheh) And don’t get me started on better personality development.

Avak got the status of ‘dorkiest Piraka in the team’. He’s the only one who actually thinks logically. And I can’t help but see Hakann as a really angry politician….

By the time I reached Avak I got a little tired so there’s fewer expressions but I hope ye all bonkles fans enjoooyyy. There needs to be more Pirakas around. >:D (and once more, side commentary are thanks to both of us mature doodlers)

Piraka © LEGO and Greg Farshtey.