Scott: Dragons don’t exist.

Avi: Stahp. Seriously you want to fight me, I’ll fight you on the side.

Scott: They’re not real.

I love Avi in this. It’s like telling a kid there isn’t a Santa and he refuses to believe. I love it.


I love this!! Finally got some more Michellie :D


Geoff Downes joining our awesome amateur musicians late nite after hours prog jam in the bar which we had taken over each night on the cruise.  (Everyone brought their own instruments and we got them to give us a sound system and sound man too!  The sound man let the party run each night til 3am before he had to unplug everything, but many of us stayed til 5 each morning heading over to the piano and grabbing an acoustic guitar to keep right on playing.) Jon Davison joined us one night staying to sing along with us until the sun came up.

Here we were getting ready to play Yes’ “Into the Lens”, but Geoff came in and we asked him if we wanted to take over the keyboards and he obliged so we played “Video Killed the Radio Star” instead.  That sadly was the last song we got to play in our after hours jam on the cruise, but what a way to finish! 

OMG. I’m in love with this group. <3 The blending of their voices, their emotions when they sing, and their voice quality.. Definitely worth-hearing. :) Thanks to my classmate, Bern, she showed me their video. 

AND BTW. I love the song “Video Killed the Radio Star” and they sang it. LOVE IT. <3

Credits to the video owner. :) 

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