anonymous asked:

What are your favorite blogs?

Ooh boy, this is a tough one. All of the blogs I follow are fantastic in some way or another, hence why I follow them. However, these are some of the my favorites.

Pretty Things/Pretty People (mostly boys)/Pretty Life: Matward, Tayaaron, Shaneybear, MeAndMyBentley, Vivrearia, ArrowsAndArtemis

The Australians: The Loiterer, 12111992, 20KilosOfCarrots, CuriosityAndConfusion

General Fabulousness: MyLifeInTexas, Rehpotsirhc13Traviifamous

Fashion &/Or Preppy Stuff: Myso-culledlife, Prepaganda, Bon-Mot, AnnemarieElizabeth

Crazy Unexpected But Completely Wonderful: Endlesslyunamusing, Cableknitty, SSYMTCAWildCoryAppears, A Scary Brunette, Blaaargh, ThisIsThatKid

Wonderful Interiors (and other trinkets): SeersuckerAndMagnolias, ToDieForDecorEiEiO

And to an extent, these are all interconnected areas, but I felt I had to kind of break them up.