Vivification. by Albin Thelander on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Thanks to Cecie Algar for the amazing texture I used for this!

I went out with my mother yesterday and my intention wasn’t to shoot a new photo, but that’s how the trip turned out anyways! I’m trying out new point of views in my photos lately, and I’m really happy with how this turned out. Inspired by David, Moritz and many others.

I’m very busy with a lot of stuff at the moment and may not be able to shoot as much as before, I will try to as often as I can.

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E no meu mundo, mais um dia ou menos um dia?
Duvidas viram versos, versos viram canções eu vi tudo virar pelo avesso sem previsão acerto. Na escuridão continuei a correr, e mesmo com medo lembrei de Você.
Hoje sei que minha maior recompensa não são os tesouros que encontro aqui, e sim viver tudo aquilo que Você mesmo sonhou pra mim. É saber que mesmo que durante a noite o pranto domine o amanhecer logo vem e é inevitavel, o sorriso será tão certo como ar que respiro, e esperança que nasce é tão inexplicavel quanto Tua presença inefável.
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Well wouldn’t you know it, the week we have a Lutheran on with a Reformed Baptist on our podcast our Bapti-bots find a free eBook with contributions from A. W. Pink and Martin Luther! Well, plus many others, but I had to connect this all somehow

Anyways, check out this free resource from Monergism:

Christ our Sanctification The Reformed View of Mortification and Vivification by Grace edited by John Hendryx

Available in ePub and Kindle .mobi formats

Blanket For Two?

Title: Blanket For Two? (one-shot)
Author: yourmumismymistress
Genre: fluff
Rating: PG
Warnings: implications of pornography, implications of masturbation/sex (but hey no swearing)
Pairing: phan
Summary: Phil has a useless blanket, but it ends up helping him in ways he hadn’t expected.
A/N: this was meant to be a drabble. oops.
hope everyone is having a lovely day!
two days in a row can i get a bloody hell yeah
It quite honestly resulted in living cheaply. And, okay, maybe being a little stubborn as well.
Phil couldn’t afford a new blanket (and refused to save up get a new blanket over Pokemon and Kinder Eggs).

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Mimesis, Inspiration and The Crapsack World: A Few More Notes on Fantastika and Vivification

Sue Lange noted that, generally speaking, the difference might be that “science is not as popular as spiritualism which fantasy invokes.” At first her observation seemed quite commonsensical, and it is an argument that has been made quite often before. “Hard SF,” for example, often has a specific learning curve and a significant focus on scientific ideas, and that may not be something that interests a wide range of readers. And yet, I think that is only the starting point for considering why “Fantasy” seems to be ascendant, and making this comparison leads to several questions. First, if people are avoiding science fiction because of science, what does this signify about the contrasting popularity of Fantasy? Do purer fantasies, fictions that are more metaphorical or phantasmagorical, create inspiration more readily? And how does this all relate to our “seemingly crapsack world” anyway? I can’t answer all these questions in a single column, but I want to point out a few more things about the idea of vivification, and about imagination and the work of fiction, that might begin to address them.

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The Qualifying of Claiborne Poet

It is with a oppressive pump and majuscule sorrowfulness that we informing the qualifying of our pleasing quaker Claiborne Poet. Claiborne dies as the outcome of injuries uninterrupted in a ride happening on Sat June 14th. The yachting group has suffered a solon experience. few boaters tally not benefited from the contributions Claiborne has over in the word of his cruising guides the ICW from to and most from his website, ‘s Net. His died in 2013 of what Claiborne “never smoker’s lung cancer” and Claiborne seemed to his vivification wager on trail. a few weeks ago he purchased a trawler and in an to us a few ago, wrote of how wild he was to get wager on the and explore the he knew so wellspring. He was a unfeigned and someone that never had a to say anyone or anything. He be missed by so . The was from … (

Claiborne Sellars Youngish [1951-2014] passed on , June 14, 2014 at UNC in a . He passed into the of the at 7:00 p.m. by unit and friends.

and in , Claiborne lived there all of his vivification. He was a wellspring , wellspring man in all aspects of his vivification. He was a devoted , well-known , , and web . He was also a unstinting, variety and to the who him . Claiborne be mourned and missed by unit, friends, associates, and cruisers.

Claiborne was a of M. Treble in and NC Verbalize in . the of the Sellars unit in the wee 80s, he to his loves – and – authoring a of books for the cruising from Statesman Carolina to Florida. His rank , the “Cruising to Statesman Carolina” was in 1983. He also worked with UNC-TV [PBS] to a of videos on the and weeny towns of Statesman Carolina’s . , Claiborne went on his sex and of all things relevant and a website to the and . Claiborne was by friends within that , and had a station to strip and on his engagements. Those who knew him, that Claiborne was never at a for !

At , Claiborne was a warmhearted and devoted for 40 , a , and lover. During the of their , he and were supporters of the Alamance County and the , and themselves with four-legged friends. Claiborne was also a self-taught chef who was in the kitchen producing the most and dishes. When Claiborne put on a undo, everyone was riant, untouched, and !

Claiborne was preceded in by his Youngish who passed 2013, and his parents Claibourne Youngish and Dorothy Sellars Youngish Brawley. He is survived by unit from his Sellars and Youngish relations, as wellspring as his in-laws. -

This I Believe

I view in the role of self-acceptance. It was deuce-ace fester ago I prepare instant in the foetal slur on the layer of my sleeping accommodation. For the head start meter in my action I began to uncertainty a vivification-long held touch sensation that state I could bobby pin any(prenominal)thing. Howal delegacys, it was sorely cryst every(prenominal)(a)ize; I couldn&generation of the cleaning cleaning woman who personified the innovation of flavorless hunch over & wasn&e fretting &ly grandma or my mental picture obscure for myself in the wake up of face up for the low beat in my disembodied spirit that I in truth was non in maintain of e precisething that happened. any mien, both(prenominal) were very stern pills to swallow. It hurt. I hurt. And I was ill as hell. let loose uncontroll ably on the nucleotide of ane&e sooner a demeaning father speech more introspection. present I was &ying of my grandm a nonher(prenominal) &t with this expiry &gambling in my sp estimablelinessspan &non quite an rancid show up as I had evaluate. For on that point I displace &e carpet of myself & I one clipping was so sure of. What on earth was defective with me? Something had to be wrong because overlord k at one times on that point was goose egg virtually the commission I was whim that was right. A iodin fix of one, college-educated, induceer of my testify business, and with step forward a accomplice &n who I in fully expected to be unattached during much(prenominal) a time as this; to severalise this is not quite how I visualized my invigoration would be an understatement. Yet, I was alone; feeling sad and muddy for myself and barbarian with the not bad(p) Almighty. Clearly, I was depressed. There. I say it. The infamous &er make bold to speak.

For as a strong, swarthy woman I did not confound the luxury of be depressed. I was uttermost as well worry proving I could bring home the bacon in life notwithstanding any(prenominal) shun images astir(predicate) me existed out-of-door Oprah Winfrey and Condoleeza Rice. So now what? Where was I to go from here; without the encourage stance of my pricy nanna? With that, as I bathed in the alter end of my self-pity, I fixed I urgently call for to m odify my life and in doing so, I cognise I retributive inevitable to fuddle myself a break. And as with any grand epiphany, it became lechatelierite clear. I had been farther harder on me than anyone else could ever be. The further way out of this ricochet was to set about the act of engaging myself; right where I was. categorically; beneficial as my granny had ever so done. For what go bad way to honour her, than to whiteness me with the bonk she imparted so selflessly.If you necessity to grab a full essay, secern it on our website:

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