If you’re going through menopause this is a sample to try out. I guess it’s only for people going through menopause because the booklet is all about it. It’s an estrogen patch that is supposedly comfortable and the size of a postage stamp. I thought this was an estrogen patch like a birth control patch and I requested it to try it out to see if I like it versus the pill, because that’s what I’m on. But, it’s for menopause and I’m not going through that yet. lol. So this is what it looks like if you’re interested in trying the non-medicated Vivelle Dot!

You can go get yours here! Just fill out the form.

I don’t even know how to describe how I’m feeling in my body nowadays.

  • I’m actively trying to get pregnant.
  • I have PCOS, and my partner is not capable of getting me pregnant directly.
  • This means I get to be on drugs! Currently I’m on Vivelle-Dot, metformin, and occasional shots of hCG.
  • Yes, shots of the pregnancy hormone.
  • Due to a series of sitcom-like hilarity, I’m now dating a cis dude (my partner’s husband), who is willing to assist with me getting pregnant. This does actually contribute to gender stuff.

I’d been gaining a bit of weight anyhow due to age, lifestyle, and better food in my life. With these drugs, I am like the Platonic ideal of a pre-pregnancy woman. I’m agender, so, imagine my delight.

I’ve gone up a bra size. I have stretch marks like whoa. I jiggle constantly. It’s fucking absurd; I’m conscious of my body like all the time, and it sucks forever. Plus I’m constantly worried that the shots of hCG might shift my gender identity and what if I start caring about my own gender, ugh.

(I really hope I’m getting this across: other people’s genders are their own, and I respect them. I personally derive a great deal of pleasure in not having one, and I hope to continue not having one, is what I mean.)

I already knew I’d be in for body changes, what with the getting pregnant thing and all. However, right now I am experiencing body changes in preparation for possibly getting pregnant, which is very abstract for this poor concrete kitty. I predict that I will find all of this easier to bear (har) once I actually am pregnant, as I’ll have a daily reminder that I’m doing this for a good, obvious, tangible reason.

In the interim, my body has never quite felt like mine, and now it’s even less mine. Thank fuck I’m such a nerd I barely pay attention to my body; it’s the only thing keeping me from flipping completely out about this.

بالطيّب ولا قوّه ؟ ابغيه و ابغي جوِه 🍫💛🎼 . . (at Vivel Patisserie)

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