Mystere Firebird: Female to Male

I saw your question about Mystere FireBird changing from female to male.

When Ross Gibson came for a job he demanded to be the bird, which at the time was a female character, and at first they told him no. Then eventually they let him do it and changed the part to male. :)

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anonymous asked:

Times like these I get really angry and depressed with the direction in which Cirque is going. First cutting the shows down, next, messing with the most loved acts? Triple Trapeze and the silks were my favourite parts of Varekai and Quidam. It just feels like a stab in the back. I hope I'm not the only one who's scared for Cirque's well-being.

At first I wasn’t too overly concerned with Cirque’s future but as I read about more changes (few of which are very good) and cuts, I am getting more concerned.