Hugo Chavez is the greatest statesman of our generation. 

He understood Venezuela’s global position and it’s role as an OPEC nation perfectly clear. Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world. Yes, more than Saudi Arabia. 

He made it a point to work with the correct nations regarding all international relations and deals. His foreign policy and actions taken reflect a diplomacy that no one else has rivaled. 

He understood which nations are allies in today’s world and which nations are not. He understood the significance of working with Russia & China and his dealings with both nations were tremendous. 

His foreign policy & international relations are worth studying. I recommend: Cuba & Venezuela: An Insight into Two Revolutions by German Sanchezas a starting point. 

Rest in peace to Commandate Chavez! 

How Revolution Could Happen in this Nation.

Socialism can never be achieved in the US or any other first world nation until Africa, Latin America and the Carribean Islands are free from US imperialism and have achieved said freedom through socialist revolutions.

Only then will conditions be correct for revolution. 

"Create Two, Three… Many Vietnams" by Che Guevara is my belief.