1hundred-sleeplessnights asked:

Am I the only one who doesn't think Tate is going to kill Violet, but try and kill/hurt Ben instead? I mean, he said "He wants to separate us." And Violet is screaming "dad, where are you" like he's the one who's in danger.

i think he might do something to ben, in the preview you see ben like fighting rubberman off of him or something, shits going to go down, although i dont know why tate would go after ben, if hes gone shes not going to stay in the house by herself, shes 16….

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Hi so I really want that 51 Day(s) until I see D.R.U.G.S. thing for my blog because I'm seeing them soon too but I'm stupid and can't figure it out. :3 when I click on the link it brings me to the website but it just shows clocks, not just the text like you have.

You’re not stupid :3  It took me a bit to figure out how to get a simple countdown like that, so I’ll just tell you the steps to get it how I have it :D

  • Put in your time zone and the date/time of the concert
  • Click the “one-liner” countdown
  • Background color: transparent
  • Counter size: Very small
  • Text rows: Just counter
  • Font:  Sans serif
  • Font size: 90%
  • Counter mode:  Total
  • Smallest unit:  Days
  • Keep the other settings the same
  • Choose your colors and border, if you’d like
  • Then get the HTML, paste it in your description where you’d like it.  Theeen add a few spaces and write “until I see DRUGS” or whatever :3

Annnnd, I hope you have fun!

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I know you get the question about Tate leaving the house on Halloween a lot, but this is a bit different.. it wasn't the Halloween episode, but Tate and Violet were outside of the house smoking together. Were they close enough to the house that Tate could go that far or something? Sorry if this is a dumb/obvious question. :3

nooo dont worry about it haha you guys can ask me anything, when they were outside it was like a part of the backyard, the driveway or some shit, that house is a lot bigger than they make it look, so is the property i believe