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Hey, first off I love your blog! :) It's been a huge help since I went vegan recently. I have a quick question about Silk soymilk. Apparently they're owned by the largest cow milk supplier in America. I know that you told someone on here a few days ago, "It’s the same as buying things from a product line that also markets animal products. You’re detracting from the demand for animal products and giving them reason to want to produce more vegan products." But does the same apply for Silk?

Aww, thank you! I’m super happy to hear you recently went vegan. :D

Anyway… yeah, I think it’s the same concept. If you ever have the option to buy milks other than Silk, I’d say you should obviously support other vegan brands if possible. However, I view buying Silk as no different than people who shop at stores that also sell meat/animal products. You still aren’t supporting the dairy industry. You’re producing a demand for their vegan option, which I don’t see as a negative thing.

It’s basically the same scenario as if you were to buy the store’s brand of soymilk (or really, any other vegan product from a non-vegan store). You’re purchasing an item that’s vegan from a store that sells animal products, and while ultimately the money does go to a non-vegan company, you’re still creating an increase in demand for their products that don’t come from animal exploitation.

If vegans insist that we all boycott Silk brand soymilk, then we’re also going to have to start refraining from buying products from every single non-vegan supplier out there for every single product there is available. Which, obviously, isn’t plausible at the time being. Many vegans don’t have the luxury of shopping at only vegan stores or only buying products from vegan brands.

In a perfect world, we could all avoid non-vegan suppliers and only buy from vegan companies and brands, but I think it’s a bit defeatist to say that buying vegan products from a non-vegan company is damaging. You’re essentially voting with your dollar, letting them know that you do not want to buy their animal products and you do want them to focus more on selling vegan products. After all, they’re only producing what they believe the public wants. I think if we are giving these companies a reason to move further away from cow’s milk and focus more on producing alternative milks, ultimately we’re doing a good thing.

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Am I the only one who doesn't think Tate is going to kill Violet, but try and kill/hurt Ben instead? I mean, he said "He wants to separate us." And Violet is screaming "dad, where are you" like he's the one who's in danger.

i think he might do something to ben, in the preview you see ben like fighting rubberman off of him or something, shits going to go down, although i dont know why tate would go after ben, if hes gone shes not going to stay in the house by herself, shes 16….

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Hi so I really want that 51 Day(s) until I see D.R.U.G.S. thing for my blog because I'm seeing them soon too but I'm stupid and can't figure it out. :3 when I click on the link it brings me to the website but it just shows clocks, not just the text like you have.

You’re not stupid :3  It took me a bit to figure out how to get a simple countdown like that, so I’ll just tell you the steps to get it how I have it :D

  • http://www.timeanddate.com/clocks/freecountdown.html
  • Put in your time zone and the date/time of the concert
  • Click the “one-liner” countdown
  • Background color: transparent
  • Counter size: Very small
  • Text rows: Just counter
  • Font:  Sans serif
  • Font size: 90%
  • Counter mode:  Total
  • Smallest unit:  Days
  • Keep the other settings the same
  • Choose your colors and border, if you’d like
  • Then get the HTML, paste it in your description where you’d like it.  Theeen add a few spaces and write “until I see DRUGS” or whatever :3

Annnnd, I hope you have fun!

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So tired of people thinking vegan = skinny. It doesn't. It's not a diet. Ahh if I hear that one more time I'll punch whoever says it. I've struggled with eating disorders for a long time, and veganism has actually been helping, but then I have people who say stuff like "Oh, you're a vegan, sorry you can't have this. Oh well at least you'll be skinny!" or "You're a vegan, why are you still fat?" Sorry to use your ask box to rant but people suck. But you're beautiful and awesome.

Don’t be sorry, I completely agree with you. Veganism is not a diet. I don’t know how many times we have to say that before people start fucking getting it. Eating vegan does not guarantee weight loss, nor is it something a person should use in an attempt to lose weight. It’s an entire lifestyle, and it has nothing to do with being skinny or losing weight or only eating healthy foods. It’s about the animals, and living compassionately. Period. (Not to mention, eating healthy has nothing to do with weight.)

Oh, and I’m really sorry to hear you’ve struggled with eating disorders. I’ve always dealt with body image issues and terrible eating habits as a result, and I still do to this day, but it’s important to remind ourselves that our worth is not determined by our bodies. Thank you though! I’m sure you’re beautiful yourself. <3

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I know you get the question about Tate leaving the house on Halloween a lot, but this is a bit different.. it wasn't the Halloween episode, but Tate and Violet were outside of the house smoking together. Were they close enough to the house that Tate could go that far or something? Sorry if this is a dumb/obvious question. :3

nooo dont worry about it haha you guys can ask me anything, when they were outside it was like a part of the backyard, the driveway or some shit, that house is a lot bigger than they make it look, so is the property i believe

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Sadly I was that vegetarian about a month ago. I would bug my friends about eating meat, but I always said I could never go vegan because I love milk too much. Once I found out the truth about dairy though I went vegan almost immediately and now I'd never go back. Vegetarians who are ignorant about dairy aren't the ones who bother me. It's the ones who are presented facts yet still refuse to go vegan that make me question why they're vegetarian in the first place.

I was that vegetarian for more than 8 disgusting years, until one day I had my delusional world shattered, which I guess is why I’m always trying to do the same for other vegetarians. I have no one but myself to blame for never looking into it further, but I really wish someone had told me I was a fucking dumbass every time I made a comment about how “cheese is sooo good” or “cows NEED to be milked~!” And I’m not bothered by the people who don’t know either. As I’ve said before, the meat/dairy industries go to great lengths to cover up the truth, so it’s not always someone’s fault for not knowing. But once you do know, and you choose to ignore it or play it off like nothing, that’s when you’re a shitty person and you no longer have the right to act as if you’re doing something for the betterment of the animals.

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Not only is the comment "Bet you ate more hamburgers than that fat bitch sitting in the corner of McDonald’s before you turned to the vegan lifestyle." fat-shaming, but it's also completely beside the point. Yes, I ate a lot of meat and a lot of dairy before I went vegan. I was uninformed. Most people who are now vegan were. The difference between vegans and non-vegans though is now that we're informed, we try our hardest to live a cruelty-free life, while non-vegans don't even bother.

Yep. I also don’t get why they were trying to brag about something they never even made the conscious decision to do in the first place. Obviously someone who has the convictions and the ethical capacity to change their lifestyle for the better has more character than someone who just goes along with a lifestyle they’ve always known and refuses to attempt to change when they are given a reason why they should.

Nothing is more frustrating than vegetarians who act superior to meat-eaters while still supporting massive amounts of suffering and death, which they claim to boycott. Then they throw the whole “BUT LOL CHEESE IS SOOOOO GOOD!!! I CAN’T GIVE IT UP SRY” card, which is the exact same fucking thing as the “BUT LOL BACON” line they always condemn meat-eaters for using. VEGETARIANS, GET THE FUCK WITH IT. Either stop supporting animal exploitation or shut the fuck up and accept that you’re still a bloodmouth.

1hundred-sleeplessnights said:

lol I've been vegan for a month and I condemn people for not being vegan. If you've been vegan for a day you're still way ahead of non-vegans.

Precisely. ;) If a month into your veganism you’re already laying it down for bloodmouths, you’re doing pretty well. I was a passive vegan for way too long before I shifted gear into a ~crazy militant vegan~. I wish I’d done it sooner.

1hundred-sleeplessnights said:

I am getting so angry at your anons. They use the "aren't you pro-choice though?" argument when they run out of intelligent things to say. Well, most of them never had intelligent things to say in the first place, but you know what I mean. Seriously though, when did the term pro-choice start to relate to anything other than abortion? Oh right. Never. At least know what you're arguing about people.

Yeah, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this thrown at me. People like to play dumb and try to bring it up as if pointing it out makes them look clever, but really it just proves that they’ve seriously got nothing to back up what they say.