all these posts about how theres new tech to go on a virtual realtiy date w an anime girl or touch her vitrually real boobs but wheres my real life makoto tachibana where is he?? please let me know, im on the hunt

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Are You Afraid Of The Dark - The Tale of the Vitrual Pets - S6E4

She was telling the future of 2014 during the 90’s

Cuarto Periodo - Unidad 4

Unidad 4 - Tecnología

"Proyectos Escolares"


- Aplicaciones de Google.

- Diseño y creación de formularios/Proyectos.

O.V.A. (Enseñanza de las competencias digitales - Objetos Vitruales de Aprendizaje - Ya está elaborado como tal), A.V.A. (Ambientes Virtuales de Aprendizaje - Ej: Google Docs -> Trabajan colavorativamene)

Diagrama de Gantt.

Implementación TIC.

Unidad 4 - Emprendimiento



La contabilidad.

El Plan Económico Financiero.

La Empresa y sus responsabilidades.

- Proyecto

That moment when...

You look at your vitrual earnings in a videogame and wish you had that much money or material goods IRL.

You look at how awesome your avatar or living space in a game looks after hoarding enough things, working your ass off in quests, and grinding, and then realize you wish you had the same determination to apply to your own personal life.

You have worked hard enough to build a relationship in a rpg, sim, or adventure game, and question why the same thing don’t work or apply to getting friends IRL.

You just spent almost your entire paycheck or welfare check just on one game, system, console, or upgrade and realize you now have nothing to feed, clothe, or house yourself with. Oh, and there goes your internet service and phone bill too.

Honestly, some how I wish there was a way to do what I loved and be supported by my family for it.