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“There’s a lot of money being printed and going into the stock market to manipulate and fool people into thinking stocks are really going up.

Because central bank governments keep printing so much money, you can’t really tell the real value of anything cause it’s not backed by nothing”

Are we there yet? A question of home

The world’s population is growing more and more transient, we are reverting to our prehistoric migratory routes as we seek happiness and propserity in other conutries.

Traditionally, we are defined by where we are from. We are shaped by our experiences and these experiences have always come from within a small location but now as we move further afield, how do we tell where we are from and how do we see what defines us? 

The growing problems not only include a feeling of homelessness but there are also problems about how we interact with other cultures that we do not understand. It does not help that as we evolve into a more internet/vitrual based society that we are leaving our homes less and interact less with other people. 

Drawing on the criticism of the international style that it does not fit anywhere as it was designed for everywhere, I would like to propose a new typology that can accomodate all cultures and foster inter-cultural exchanges. 

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