I try to live my life. Day to day, follow your rules, but I am just tumblin through. 

Every step, every move, I feel you. Breathing down my neck, so close, so close.

I look ahead, hope for relief, there is none, there you are waiting. I can’t get away.

You surround me, smother me, completely cover my whole existence like a blanket.

You smile and tell me everything is going to be ok, but you have lied before.

You have your own truth, and I know, I know, you are not my Friend.

Angela Barton©

from farm animal to dinner table

by Profound Mercenary

It started off a normal day

Kicking it with the cows and dogs

When Farmer Ted

Dragged me to his office

Sorry to say this but you’re moving

HE’s coming tomorrow to take you away

I can’t believe what Farmer Ted just said

HE was the worst thing that

Can happen to an animal like me

HE comes in and takes you away

Then takes you to a factor far away

From all the people you ever loved

HE came and I said my goodbyes

Then was shoved to the back of truck

I was given a shot and fell fast asleep

Next thing I know I was soaked

In bowl while someone chopped me up

Next to the bowl was a box

Shake n Bake

Little by little I was put into a bag of brown batter

Then this mysterious women shook me up and down

Then shoved me in an oven

An hour later I was taken out

Put on a dinner table

To serve a family of four

And that was the last thing I remember

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