Cuddling ~ 4/4

i got this request to do a cuddle visual like ages ago and never got around to it. so without further ado here is the cuddling visual :)

Master list

~ Krissy

Calum ~

lets face is we all know Calum is the cuddliest of all the boys. he just looks it and they even say he is up for a cuddle anytime so i feel like he would cuddle you anyway he could. whether it be spooning or just having his arms around you. oooo and lots of kisses 




Michael ~ 

i feel like with Michael, you guys would like to burry your faces in each other necks and just get really comfy and super close.



Ashton ~ 

oh god i got this okay. you would like to face each other and you would just smile and giggle for no reason at all and your hands would always be interlocked or he’d like fiddle with your fingers fuck yeah 




Luke ~ 

Luke seems like he’d be totally chill just holding you against him under his arm. like he’d just like to protect you while cuddling you to make sure you weren’t going anywhere 



maybe even a few cuddle kisses now and then 


















*gifs aren’t mine*

anonymous said:

I sent you message about masterpost :) Can you please do something about Louis aka sex on the legs? He's so beautiful and hot and perfect I just can't!

Louis Tomlinson aka Sex On Legs

Basically, everything Louis does is sexy and I’m upset about it. I suggest you sit down, grab a tall glass of water, and maybe run a cold shower after this. None of the gifs are mine but I appreciate the lovely people who made them possible.

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Kinky *W/Visuals* ~ Luke Smut

Request ~ Yes

Can ya make a luke hemmings smut and make it kinky and a visual… Please?

Kinks ~ dom & overstim

So this is my first smut with visuals. I hope you guys like this, feed back is cool. I’m an awkward turtle and don’t know what to say haha soo… i guess thats all

Master list

~ Krissy

Luke Smut ~ 


Luke and the boys had had the last few days off. They were taking it pretty easy filling them with some song writing and just hanging out. You on the other hand had work. Two people had quit from where you worked so until they hired new people you had extra shifts added to your schedule. So by the time you got home you were just to tired to do anything. But luckily today you had gotten home a little earlier. 

Walking in the front door you could hear the boys screaming from living room. Michael saying something about Calum having to have possibly cheated. Clearly they were playing a video game. You walked in the room, up behind Luke wrapping your arms around his neck. 

"Hi," Luke smiled kissing you on the cheek. 

"Hey." You exhaled slowly. 

"Come sit." He said patting his lap. 

Happy to do so. You obliged, taking off your shoes, walking around the couch and crawling onto his lap. He wrapped his long arms around you so the controller was in front of you so he could continue playing. You were extremely tired but glad to be back in his arms being able to cuddle. You missed his touch, his scent - his shirts do nothing justice to the real thing when he was gone. Even though you were tired you wanted him. You wanted him so bad, but you also needed him. It had been almost 3 months since you guys had gotten to do anything. But you had to think of a way to get rid of the other boys. 

"I’ve missed you." You whispered into his neck. 

"I’ve missed you too babe." He said leaning down pecking your temple. Then just like that he was back to paying attention to his game. 

"No, Luke. I’ve really missed you." You played with the buttons on the top of his flannel and kissed his neck lightly. You could feel him shift under you while he cleared his throat. "Really missed you." You whispered barely audible for him to hear. 

Quickly he paused the game causing Michael, Calum, and Ashton to groan. 

"What the hell mate." Mike grumbled. 

"I have an idea." Luke said while sliding you off him - much to your dismay - standing up. "We have off we shouldn’t be stuffed up in this apartment. Why don’t we go out to eat?" 

"Sounds fun." Ashton smiled. 

"Fine." Mikey and Calum grumbled. You glared at Luke. You didn’t want to go out what was he doing. 

"Well i gotta change then i’m still in work clothes." You mumbled getting off the couch. Luke trailed behind you all the way up to your shared bedroom. "I don’t want to go out Luke!" You whined. 

"Good," he whispered. Pinning you against the wall as soon as your bedroom door shut. His lips hungrily attached to yours. Luke’s hands rubbed up and down your body as yours were laced in the hair on the nape of his neck. "That’s why we’re gonna tell the boys you don’t feel good and that i’m gonna stay here with you." He mumbled against your lips. 

Eagerly you nodded. Untangling from each other you straightened out your clothes before going back out to the living room. 

"Hey guys, i’m really not feeling very well. So i’m just gonna stay here." You sighed. Luke came up behind you placing his chin on the top of your head as his arms came around to your front. 

"I’m gonna stay here with [Y/N] since she’s not feeling well. You guys go out." Luke said. Cuddling your face into his muscular arm you smiled. 

"Okay we’ll text you where we go once we figure it out incase you guys decide to come out." 

Both of you nodded as you watched the boys file out of the door. Through the window you could see them get into the car and drive away. Spinning you around, Luke grabbed your ass.

"Go wait for me." He winked fiddling with his lip ring. You just looked him in the eyes challengingly. "Go on baby girl go." He said patting your ass towards the stairs. 

At that moment you knew you were in for it and you being excited was an understatement. Your core was throbbing with anticipation. You made your way into the bedroom like he told you to. Soon after you sat he came in. 

"I’ve missed you so much." He said. 

"I missed you too." 

You were rendered breathless as he hungrily attached his lips to yours. Quickly you toyed with the hem of his shirt showing you wanted it off. But he only chuckled shaking his head. Moving down your jaw to your neck he left his marks all over your skin. 

"You’d like that wouldn’t you, me taking my shirt off?" He breathed with a heavy chuckled. 

"Luke p-please." 

"I have other plans…." He trailed off.

Kneeling on the floor in front of you he told you to lay down. Then he told you to look up at him so you could see him. So you did and he had taken his shirt off. You groaned as he hooked his fingers into the waist band of your pants and pulled them down. 

He placed his thumb over your clit on top of your clothed core causing you to shiver under him. Luke liked teasing. A lot. Sloppy, wet, open mouthed kisses were on the insides of your thighs causing you to whimper under him as his thumb moved in slow circles. 


"Lets make this fun baby girl." He smirked. "If you can stay quiet then i’ll let you cum - but only when i say. But, if you don’t… Well we’ll see." 

Nodding furiously, you just needed him to do something. Teasingly slow he slid your panties down letting them pool on the floor in front of him. Your head rested back on the bed. You felt your legs being spread apart, followed by the coolness of Luke’s lip ring against your core. It took everything in you to restrain from making any noise.

Luke’s movements started slow. Licking up your slit circling your clit before going back down and repeating his actions. You wanted to scream to get him to go faster but you were afraid he’d stop. Your teeth sunk into your bottom lip holding back moans. The pit in your stomach grew larger by the second. His movements sped up and you couldn’t help but pull on his hair and moan as he entered a finger into you. 


Luke’s finger slowed as he released your clit from his mouth, grazing it lightly with his teeth. His face was damp with your wetness and your legs were squirming. Without saying anything he continued to pump his finger. 

"That wasn’t a very good job of being quiet baby girl." He finally cooed, stroking the inside of your thigh with his free hand. 

"P-please Lu-Luke just let me cum!" You begged twisting your body down on his finger a bit. Yanking on his hair quite hard begging for him to continue. 

"Don’t worry i’ll let you cum." He purred. 

Adding another finger he pumped vigorously. His mouth attached itself once more to your clit, tongue slipping between your folds now and then. Your back arched off the bed. Your first orgasm hit you like a ton of bricks. Moaning Luke’s name along with a list of profanities, he road out your high. 

It was the best orgasm you’d had in months and you already felt spent. But Luke didn’t let up. He licked you clean but continued pumping his finger slowly. His face was dripping with your juices with a smirk plastered on his face. Your legs were trembling as you felt your second orgasm building up again already. 

"Lu-ke." You breathed. "I can’t." You whimpered knowing he was far from down but you felt baked.


"Yes you can." He ordered. "And you’re going to." He whispered coming up to your ear, dragging his bottom lip over the shell of your ear making you shudder. 


Your whole body was shaking in euphoria. He fiddled with his lip ring as he pounded his fingers into you in full control and concentration. Starting to curl his fingers upward he hit your g-spot. It was a matter of seconds before your second orgasm washed over you. Luke licked you clean once again and you jolted because you where extremely sensitive. 

"You’re such a good girl." He said before kissing you. His hands massaged your breasts before kissing each one. 

He gave you no time to rest in between your orgasms though. You hadn’t even noticed - because you were in such a state of bliss - but he had taken his pants and boxers off. But before you could comment he pushed himself into you. 


"Oh go- Luke." You moaned. 

"Mhm, fuck [Y/N]." He muttered. 

His movements where slow at first. But soon he shifted your legs changing positions getting a better, deeper angle. Both of you were moaning messes. Your eyes grew heavy and you felt your third orgasm of the night nearing you. Now you couldn’t hold off much longer so you clawed at Luke’s back. He caught on to your signal before mumbling that he was close too. 

You released, clenching around him setting off his orgasm. He thrusted sloppily, milking his first and your third before pulling out and falling next to you. Your head found his arm to lay on. Nuzzling into his neck as you were completely spent and already getting sore. 

"Babe are you okay?" He asked with a chuckle. 

"I’m fine Luke just very tired. But that was amazing." You smiled softly as you yawned.

"It wasn’t too much?" He asked. 

"It was perfect."