Artist Recycles Discarded Keys to Transform Them Into Unique Decor

Australian craftsman Moerkey, also known as Michael, recycles discarded keys and transforms them into unique works of art. It all started when he was supposed to be cleaning out his shed and he came across some old copper pipe. He then cut it into rings and began honing a technique that lead to the creation of decorative spheres, bowls, figures, and more.


These beautiful works of art put LGBT people of color into a whole new light 

No matter how many art history courses he took in college or the number of art institutions he visited, artist Gabriel Garcia Roman never saw art depicting queer people of color. Rather than feel defeated or decry those spaces as universally exclusionary, however, Garcia Roman decided to create the change he wanted to see — and it’s led to some stunning creations.


Rearrangeable Layers of Glass Form Stunning 3D Landscapes and Seascapes

Lucie Boucher and Bernie Huebner of Stone Ridge Glass are the creators of Glasscapes, stunning three dimensional sculptures made of layers of colored glass. Many of the works are interactive, meaning that the glass layers can be rearranged to take on completely different scenes. For the seascape piece above, called Ocean Laughter II, the glass pieces each represent a separate wave. They can be arranged to look like a restless ocean or a harmonious work of geometric art.