Cecilia Paredes (Peruvian, b.1950) was born in Lima, Peru, where she studied Plastic Arts at the Catholic University of Lima. She later went on to study at Cambridge Arts and Crafts School in England.

She is a contemporary performance and installation artist, who is best known for her unusual work in which she uses her own body as a canvas for body paint. Her last name, Paredes, which means walls in Spanish, perfectly suits her fascination with turning herself into a human chameleon and melting herself into the walls.


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Kevin Dowd  is an Irish practitioner who explores themes of consciousness, loss, difference, inversion and abstraction through his work. His doctoral thesis focuses on the use of practice-based visual methodologies in engaging with visual design, specifically within the realm of political visual communication. 

He has exhibited a variety of works in several institutions around the world, including London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Germany and Japan.