my reblogs

yey, finally! i was able to clean-up my other tumblr site… as you can see below, i have couple of reblogs though some of them i have created (these i have noted). i just don’t want to delete them from my other site ‘cuz somehow these reblogs had impacted me somehow that’s why i reshared them before. now, i will continue blogging with my original photo shots. you may still see me reblogging, but will try to be orginal as much as i can… happy blogging!

here’s my other tumblr site 👉

i will always be this crazy in-love girl that you met 3 yrs ago… and will always be the girl you have got a crazy crush on way back in highschool!!!! then maybe that is what they call “mad love”… i will always stay like this with you forever not by a choice, but by heaven’s every chances that he had given to me….