Lives tweets from shinigami on their first day of exile

As requested by shuheihisagay. :)

The visored, Urahara, Yoruichi and Tessai all went into exile on the same day. Let’s pretend that they had twitter accounts and decided to document the, um, occasion. What sort of things might they tweet?

1. Love

"Soul Society justice = condemn to death now, ask questions never."

#central-46  #you guys are not heroes

2. Love

"Soul Society: Can’t tell the difference between hollows and shinigami victims of illicit experiments."


3. Love

"i wonder what ‘Shonen Jump’ is"

#there’s this whole display

4. Love

"my life has new meaning"

#maybe being here won’t be so bad  #thanks central-46  #you fuckers

5. Shinji

"important lesson learned today. sometimes ‘waiting to see what happens’ isn’t the best way to deal with an evil lieutenant"

#aizen  #super evil  #if anybody cares

6. Shinji

"sorry i dragged all of my friends down with me"

#depressing day

7. Shinji


#gonna look like cool shit  #ladies

8. Hiyori



9. Hiyori

"next time i see aizen i’m gonna cut that fucker in half mark my words"

#in honor of this pledge  #i buy the fiercest footwear the human world has to offer  #MOTHERFUCKING FLIP FLIPS

10. Hiyori

"flip flops. whatever."

11. Kensei

"can’t believe a guy who yammered on about justice fucking betrayed his captain"

#tosen  #super evil  #in case anybody cares

12. Kensei

"can’t believe my tattoo is just obscene now"

#dating is gonna be hell

13. Kensei

"maybe i’ll channel my rage into cooking"

#and i’m not just saying that b/c i just bought the world’s greatest apron

14. Tessai

"I used forbidden kido. I guess I should not complain if this is my fate."

#my only regret  #is bringing Hachigen down with me

15. Tessai

"Urahara better offer me a job."

#he kinda owes me  #is all I’m saying

16. Urahara

"can’t believe everybody trusted aizen over me. do I have a shady face or something?"

#i should get a hat  #hats are inherently trustworthy  #and stylish

17. Urahara

"ooooooh a candy seller"

#i know what I’m going to do now

18. Mashiro

"most important thing now is to fit in I think. we gotta act like humans!"

#what sort of powers do humans have anyway?

19. Mashiro

"a green body suit and goggles? more like ‘yes please!’"

#i look like a superhero  #humans are gonna worship me

20. Hachigen

"we have to stick together now. We are the only family we have."

#Tessai  #Urahara  #Yoruichi  #Shinji  #Hiyori  #Love  #Rose  #Lisa  #Mashiro #Kensei

21. Hachigen

"or tessai, urahara and yoruichi can leave. that’s good too."

#tessai  #why didn’t you take me with you?

22. Rose

"Adversity breeds togetherness. Adversity leads to great art. Adversity brings out the best of what is in our souls."

#and also shows that I am apparently the only one with a fashion sense

23. Rose

"First stop: a music store! Must see what the world of the living has to offer" 

#i just hope that Squad 3 will be okay without its captain

24. Lisa

"humans sure like their porn."

#gonna live tweet this shit

25. Yoruichi

"been a long day of saving everyone from execution and putting myself into self-imposed exile."

#i think i want to be a cat for a while

anonymous said:

SG Kaon wears a visor over his eye sockets so he doesn't scare the children. SG Vos and SG Tarn wear masks to cover scars they recieved from Autobots as children. SG Tesarus was born without optics while SG Helex was a failed autobot experiment. All but Kaon, were children when they were scarred and the SG Cons rescued all five of them along with a bunch of other orphans.


yoooooooooooo Kaon with a visor, that’s a really good idea!

I’ve still gotta work on his frame, but I feel like his shoulder thingies he had should still be there! 






This is after Momo wounded Harribel’s annoying fraccion, they went into resurreccion


ICHIGO IS AN ARRANCAR.  Zangetsu, aka Hollow Ichigo was trying to warn him , that his death, would trigger his Resurreccion and he’d flip his shit, because he didn’t have control over him. It was not a threat, he did not take over.  Ichigo died and because he’s an ARRANCAR, HE, HIMSELF turned into a Hollow. It was Ichigo killing Ulquiorra not his inner hollow. (Which is still Ichigo killing Ulquiorra, so I don’t know how that takes pts off. How bad ass it that? He’s the walking dead and he’s still “Son”ing your crew!!!)

Sorry but I got inbox hate after I said that last time, and it’s like goddamn. They say shit like this and then he shows you Ichigo doing all the same shit. Harriblel says she feels TWO Arrancar fighting. HELLO!!! ICHIGO IS AN ARRANCAR. A natural born one—okay he’s kind of a test tube baby.

bibliotecaria-d said:

Sinnertwin's double heads were probably key in seducing Sixshot the first time. Sixshot was sitting back, ready to be unimpressed, but suddenly two mouths, extremely eager to please. Even a Phase Sixer's knees would buckle under that, especially if Sinnertwin timed his tongues to be perfectly in sync. Just picture Sixshot's hands in helpless claws, jerking a little at thin air, as his visor twitches on one side, and he starts giving tiny grunts in time.

Once tried those dirty headjobs, you’ll know he is called “Sinnertwin” for a reason ;)


sosungalittleclodofclay said:

Is there a particular name for the plate armor with mail covering the usual spots(knees armpits groin)?

The usual term is “transitional plate” or “transitional armour”.

The usual helmet was a bascinet, often with a “hounskull” visor (the pointy-nosed one) or “klappvisor” (the flattish round-nosed one) and a camail/aventail, the curtain of mail attached to the edge of the helmet and coming down over the shoulders. This sometimes had a “bretache”, a nose-cover that clipped to the brow of the bascinet and pulled the aventail up to protect the face.

Body-armour was either a short breastplate over the hauberk, or a coat-of-plates (small plates riveted between layers of fabric then buckled on at sides or back.) Limb armour was either early plate over mail (often the plate was just on the outside of the limb) or splinted armour which was made like the coat-of-plates but used long splints (hah!) of metal rather than small plates.

The armour from Schloss Churburg and from the memorial of Edward the Black Prince are excellent examples of transitional style.

As time went on, if mail could be replaced with plate then it usually was: the camail became a gorget (plate turtleneck), the skirt of the hauberk was augmented with tassets (panels over the upper thigh) and a fauld (plate hoop-skirt) of various lengths depending on style (Milanese favoured long faulds, Gothic preferred short), the armour for arms and legs enclosed the entire limb and instead of a complete hauberk of mail over a padded gambeson, it shrank to panels of mail sewn onto an arming doublet at the vulnerable points of armpits, elbows and crotch.

The monsoon drags along the morning and its crescent waves that wane by the coast. 2214 AD — Martian rain is not as pleasant and philosophical as that of our previous Mother. Neopoetry is still on the process of honing finer crafts to closely describe what it feels like to be under this torrent. After all, what use is there of literature for this species who has left their home.  

I am a tribute, begins one poet.

The poverty that has been consuming us cannot be eliminated, he thinks. In fiction, we are told that an extraterrestrial race will come and visit and destroy our world. These are all pure junk. Just the other day, he saw two people gurgling their own blood in their helmets on his walk to the MetroMart. Five bullets cracked through their visors; two and three. MarsPol said it was robbery. He does not believe them.

We decimate the gold we touch. We are the destroyers.

Why did not we leave our old ways there? He mused further:

I am a tribute
from Earth: the superpowers court
the unknown; impoverished trillions
blew some farewell kisses
where sunsets were tangerine —
a century of reasons pushed us here
trapped, despite all,
amongst our ancient shades.

This particular poet breathes, via his air-tube that passes perpendicularly through his nostrils. He can surmise many postulates which he might append on this unfinished verse, but now that the machine is beeping, he will have to do it later.

He answers the machine. It was Persephone, a friend from Titan.

"Hello, Gyp," she says. "How are you?"
"Good, good."
"I’m hearing rain on the background. You know, it’s raining methane here, too! How awful it smells. You know how in history books they cherish this petrichor thing? Not here."
"Well, I suppose, not all rain is good and hygienic," says Gyp.

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thillypunkI agree. I don’t understand why people think that Ichigo and Hollow (Zangetsu) are completely different persons they are NOT. I love your explanations about Ichigo, he is such an awesome character- badass and yet complicated :D

Thanks for saying that. I sincerely appreciate it

I mean seriously, Ichigo is his hollow. His Hollow is his Zanpakuto.  Ichigo is an Arrancar. His hollow was trying to warn him of the dangers because he’s an Arrancar.

To be CLOAKED in power is his TRUE self

  • Because his Bankai is generated by Zangetsu entirely…clothes, weapons, mask, sword, abilites. Ichigo is literally “wearing his powers”
  • Hollows get body armor. When they first become hollows,they are transformed. They get body armor, a mask, and are armed with weapons and then “they fight”
  • Shinigami release their Zanpakuto and “IT” kicks your ass, while they stand around looking cool.

Ichigo’s Zanpakuto does not do that (which is why it’s my favorite) instead of releasing and Zangetsu kicking your ass. Ichigo BECOMES Zangetsu then HE kicks yours ass.

. Because he’s a goddamn Arrancar. He looks like  Shinigami, but he fights like Hollow. When he fought the Shinigami, he fought their Zanpakutos, like all hollows are wont to do

You know sometimes I think Ichigo’s character, is too complicated for some, and that’s why they just don’t get him. 

Some people call him one dimensional and I find he’s mufti-layered

I like him for a number of reasons

He’s a trash talking bad ass, that can actually back up what he says (unlike Hitsu)

  1. He’s good as the straight man, or the fool
  2. He has insecurities—loads of them
  3. Serious self esteem issues
  4. He saves people not because he was written that way, but because he’s overcompensating, due to the guilt he has over his mother’s death. By saving people he can save his mother over and over again and by sparing their families the pain of that loss. He can spare his family the pain that he think he caused when “HE” took Masaki away.
  5. He doesn’t beat you down with friendship and love. No. He kicks your as in the NAME of friendship and lurve.
  6. He also does it because he likes to fight. It’s in his nature, and this was his conflict. Because he acts like he does it because he had “no choice”. . It’s like “They were in front of me, I had to help” when the reality of it is, he’s really loves kicking  people’s asses.  He had trouble admitting that.
  7. He’s gotta insane split personality disorder
  8. He’s fucking kewl and the MOST BAD ASS THAT EVER DOES IT.

and a whole host of other reasons, that would take me all day to list. Let’s just say, I feel the same way about him as Kubo does.  I ache when he does, and I cheer him on. When he triumphs, I feel good too. I love this character with all my heart.—-Seriously I have FOUR tattoos and I could wax on all day about him, his character, his design, his weapons, his power, his hollow, his love-life. I only ship IchiRuki because I love him and so I must love who he loves.

His hollow I kind of have a love hate relationship-with. I love him, because he’s Ichigo. But I hate that mofo, because people use him to put Ichigo down. Hate to go all “Roots” on you but….”NOTHING can be greater than THYSELF” ~ African Proverb.

Ichigo’s hollow is Ichigo. Which is why I could never understand why people who wanted to get under my skin and knows I am sensitive when it comes to him, would say:

Ichigo is weak!  His hollow had to defeat Ulquiorra, not Ichigo.

and I am like "Dude. Ichigo literally saved himself. It’s self preservation. Hollow or not, comatose or not. It was still Ichigo. The hollow is not stronger than Ichigo. How can he be, he’s Ichigo’s own power. He is only as strong as Ichigo. It’s self-preservation, dumbass"

The hollow has never done anything that Ichigo hasn’t done when he was regular Ichigo.

He’s the part of Ichigo that says ” I need five ambulances for these five dead bodies, I am about to curbstomp and leave on the pavement”. He’s just like that all the time and Ichigo is not. Ichigo is hotblooded, so his hollow is.

When you look at him, you are literally looking at Ichigo. Inside Ichigo is killer, and it’s naive to think he wasn’t going to start killing his foes, like all the other Shinigami in Bleach do. But killing a person is NOT glorious  s oKubo did it with Ulquiorra, that way. Because it’s easier, and Ichigo wouldn’t have taken a life unless he was out of his mind or forced to. But after you kill one person, it’s easier to kill again. Which is why he dispatches Ginjo without batting a fucking eye.

People argued it was out of character

  • FANS: He stepped on Ulquiorra’s head
  • Me: Dude he was kicking someone in the face in the very first chapter
  • Fans:  He ripped off Ulquiorra’s arm
  • Me: He cut of Yammy’s arm. Rip. Slice. Is there really a nice way to remove someone’s arm
  • Fans: He sent Orihime flying (lol he doesn’t care about her.)
  • ME:  What kind of asshole do you think Ichigo is. He does too! She’s just in the friendzone    He threw Rukia off the top of Sougyoku and sent her flying…
  • FANS: He killed!
  • Me: Rukia who is the main heroine dusted D-roy without batting a fucking eye and Byakuya hasn’t let any of his opponents live yet. They only live if he loses.

Ichigo is perfect, because he’s not perfect. I love him and all his flaws and that includes his hollow, because it’s just another side of him. He’s an Arrancar, and like any biracial kid, he has an identity crisis.

Gotta go get some work done on my car. I’m out.

hi-im-jamie-11 said:

I also wanna know if Soundwave has a face...or is it just a screen? I dunno more unanswerable questions from jamie

personally, i refuse to believe his face is just a screen. mostly because that’s just way too boring for me lol. plus i’ve seen so many great fanarts of what his face might look like underneath, so i like to think his visor is a mask

Kaikaina Grif. The front for Errera. She doesn’t owb the club, but she’s there enough that people think she does and that’s fine with the actual owner. She’s not a For Hire or anything, just your average girl who loves to have a good time. Don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you though. A guy once tried to get handsy with her after she firmly said no and she punched him so hard his visor shattered. Her hand was bruised up, but otherwise ok. He wasn’t though. She knows everything about anybody that steps foot in to Errera and if she doesn’t she makes sure she does. When the Reds and Blues first come to the city, Grif is shocked to find his sister there at Errera. When explaining why he’s there and that they need help finding their friend, Kaikaina points them in the direction to the man in blue, otherwise known as The Informant…

Wiggles in my seat i had so much fun designing Sis. SO MUCH FUN. Slowly…more of the plot will be revealed….I hope you all look forward to the rest of the cast!

[The Twins] [Thief and Recovery] [Mercenaries] [The Meta] [CT and Number One] [479] [The informant and The Hunter] [The Soldier] [Kimball]

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