Fuck.....I got Tagged


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Here we go!

Okay, here are the questions I got:

1. What is your favorite show/comic/movie, or other piece of entertainment, and why do you like it? At the moment, it’s Walking Dead. I admit, I’m obsessed. But who doesn’t have that one show they’re obsessed with? Especially on Tumblr.

2. What is the best Hayao Miyazaki movie, in your opinion? This is hard, but I thiiiiiiink I’ll go with Nausicaa. I love it. The art, the story, the characters. Yes

3. Why do you feel whatever it is that you aim to do with your life is important? I don’t understand this question……… but from what I can understand… I guess because I don’t feel complete without doing it.

4. What is your favorite kind of music, and why? EVERYTHING!! except Rap and some county

5. What is the best fandom you’ve been a part of? The worst? Best is the Pokemon fandom, they’re covert. No-one knows we are still here. But we are watching….waiting, for our time to strike. AND BECOME THE BEST POKEMON MASTER THERE EVER WAS!

The worst right now is Homestuck, I love it buuuut I hate it. If you understand

6. What is your favorite part of your current fandom? Art. In all the fandoms I’m in. It’s just so purdy.

7. Do you think video games are art? DUH! Video games are the greatest form of art!

8.What is the one thing you can’t stand under any circumstances? Bailey.

I’m not saying anything else, my friends from school will understand and they know why, but I am NOT explaining it. Gah almdnabhjsfda

9. What piece of entertainment (book, movie, show, game, etc.) do you think had most of an influence on your thinking? Well, I’ve watched Pokemon for as long as I can remember…. So I would think it would be Pokemon. Even if I don’t realize it, it’s the most probable.

10.What is your favorite animal? ALL THE ANIMALS!!!!!!!! their sooo fluffy!!

11. What is the one thing you always wanted to learn more about, but never could? Well, when I was younger I wasn’t allowed to read or watch Harry Potter. So I wanted to know about that, but I have now read and watched them muuuultiple times now, soooooooooo I have no clue.

Now My questions….I guess?:

1. What’s your sexuality and when did you realize it?

2. If your parents followed you on Tumblr, What would you do to hide the evidence?

3. What board game haven’t you played in a while but really want to?

4. Do you prefer the hot? or the cold?

5. VCR? or Blue Ray?

6. If you had to spend a month in an Amish community, what would you do instead of Tumblr?

7. Who’s nicer: Mitt Romney? or Lucifer?

8. Have you ever had a recurring dream? and if so, what was it?

9. If you could have any skill, what would you have?

10. What is the one thing you want for Christmas? Like reeeeeeeeally want.

11. What is your guilty pleasure? Be honest people!