trxvailleuse asked:

aesthetic; polar breeze, granites, mint, walking bare-feet, snowflakes crashing onto his nose, Ur's voice.


POLAR BREEZE. is so important because in the north, a lot of pilots flew there were gamblers, thrill-seekers & independents who searched for excitement & most importantly, FREEDOM
GRANITE. is p. great because granite is a slow forming igneous rock that’s also the most commonly identified igneous rock & it’s used everywhere. it’s so versatile & made up of all these minerals ( mainly quartz ) that gives it a conglomerate vibe. it fits him so well because gray is very much made up of so many different pieces that were compressed & born in fire. not to mention the visible grains that give it such a rough appearance & texture
MINT. as in the plant which is an interesting aesthetic to consider. it’s apparently virtue &
precious moments, both of which are pretty good for gray
WALKING BARE-FEET. YES. feel the physical connection with the earth, with the wind & the sky. untainted, uncovered. it’s great
SNOWFLAKES CRASHING ONTO HIS NOSE. nice verb usage. because gray’s ice can so often be loud & proud even though it’s supposed to be gentle
UR’S VOICE. first of all, how very dare you. second of all, g o d. so much of what gray is today was based on what he had learned when he was with ur. it’s always a constant thought in his mind, what would ur do ?