Say It Ain't So
  • Say It Ain't So
  • Weezer
  • Weezer (Blue Album)

"I can’t confront you 
I never could do 
That which might hurt you 
So try and be cool 
When I say 
This way is a water slide away from me that takes you further every day (hey) 
So be cool”


Battlestar Massive Showcase at Skratch Lounge


Shout to the Battlestar family. Cwitch, Viruss, and Rayted R comment on the influence of Dirt Style records.

Battlestar Massive Upcoming Schedule

9/14: Remix at Jolt’n Joes (San Diego, CA)
9/27: DMC World Championship at HMV Forum (London)
9/28: Doctors Orders at Plan B (London)
10/4: Skratch Lounge at Trinity (Seattle, WA)
10/4: Blue Room at Trinity (Seattle, WA)
10/6: Skratcher (Vancouver, Canada)

stay tuned more TBA!


ITF 2003 - Dj Virus (Final 2 Beatjuggling Category)


RedBull Thre3style Regional Qualifier

Fluxx- San Diego, Ca

It was a honor to be selected as a Red Bull participant.  It was the first time I’ve ever done a battle like this and I’m happy with how it turned out. After actually doing the battle; sure, I could’ve done more, but I accomplished the goal I wanted and that was to stay true to my sound and style.  Next time, I guarantee I’ll bring a better package… Video coming soon. 


Many weeks ago, Cwitch and myself were invited to guest spin at the homies, II Smooth & Sachamo’s, @djsachamo, event Abstract Thursday’s at The Loft. Cwitch hit’em with the Bossa Nova/Latin Jams & I came with the Funk.  I wish both sets were recorded because it’s not everyday you get to hear us get busy (pause).  But def be on the look out for more gigs, mixes, and live shows from the BattleStar Massive.

Photos by: Jared

Goal Oriented

Here are some simple steps to stay on track with your goals…

#1: Focus on fewer goals

#2: Plan ahead

#3: Set milestones

#4: Build good habits

#5: Track your progress

#6: Get support & encouragement

Hello all… This is my live set from last sunday’s AD’s day party.  Personally, this is one of my worst sets I’ve had… My vibe wasn’t there, but I got to play most of the jams I wanted folks to hear (i.e. Pharcyde’s “Passing Me By” Acappella over Quincy’s “Summer In The City” Disco Edit, The Simpson’s Edit, and the new crazy effect I debuted.  ENJOY!!!

Again, thank you to Mr. Kanye Asada for letting me get down.  Afternoon Delight is every sunday, except for the 2nd sunday of each month.


"The Combover and 5&A Dime Present:

VIRUSSS at Afternoon Delight.

Recorded live at Super El Camino April 15, 2012.”



Again, Wale sounds better as a featured artist…