Citadel Malware Reveton Ransomware, called Trojan Urausay or colloquially the FBI Moneypack Virus has invaded Tumblr recently, or at least tricked infected browsers into downloading the virus through tumblr’s framework. The virus has the ability to lock down your computer, and it tricks unsuspecting users into thinking the FBI has tracked them down for illicit downloading or violations on their computer, requiring payment through moneypak in order to break through the money wall. 


  1. OS Locks Down and ’FBI’ or another fraudulent authority page claims law-breaking and demands payment to operate entire computer.
  2. and/or Internet Browser redirects to a fake FBI or IC3 page and demands a payment to unlock your access (online complaint bureau depends on user IP location - FBI for US IP addresses, etc.) 

Below the cut are specific instructions on how to manually remove the trojan files from Windows 7 and Windows 8. Signal boost and reblog, and contact us here at cleverhelp if this solution isn’t working. 

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One of my clients got this Nasty virus on their computer and while there were plenty of answers out there on how to get rid of it, none of them really answered the question for me. The first major problem I had was that I couldn’t boot into safe mode or safe mode with networking, it would just restart the computer. I have seen this type of Malware before and this was not uncommon. (I have actually seen it where the manually disable the F8 screen) What allowed me to fix this was being able to boot into safe mode with command prompt. Now if your not a computer technician, or don’t know what to do with the command prompt prompt stop now and call a local virus removal expert. Ask them to give you a flat rate foo the Malware removal, and be sure to get a guarantee that if they can not remove it they will not charge you. Ok now Continue Reading

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About the tumblr viewers virus (or not) thing.

I’ve seen some people freak out about this. I was too at first. That so-called virus is so annoying. 

So, here’s how you can remove them from your tumblr.

This is how it may looks like :

Now, go to your setting :

Click on the apps option :

You can see the unknown and unwanted apps in your apps setting, so :

Now, you are to click at the remove button :

Now, go to your blog and delete all the posts that the apps posted on your blog. You will have to delete it few times because that apps is so annoying as unwanted fucking shits.

And that’s all! Now you can have a very blast day w/o that annoying apps :D



Listen up you lil’ boppers, I am here.
I’m here to semi-educate your ass on Windows infection removals.

Get MalwareBytes pl0x.
Run a scan, and if nothing is found, do this ;

1. Restart your computer and fuckin’ whack that F8 key, yo’, then select “Start Windows with Safe Mode” or networking / command prompt, just make sure to type “Explorer” in command prompt when / if it appears.

2. Type this shit into ur fukin’ start search bar ; “%appdata%, if you’re still using XP like some vintage niqqa, find the “Run” button at the side of your Start Button Menu.

3. If you haven’t already, check the “View all hidden files and folders” checkbox (or check-cricle whatevs the fuck THAt is) in your roaming folder. To do this on Windows 7, go to your control panel, go to “Appearance and Personalization” then “Folder Options" then find it.

4. This is where common sense comes in, look around and see if you can find anything you haven’t downloaded or installed, if something looks dodgy or odd, remove it. Look around in the Roaming folder, and anywhere else around that area



*Side Note* - Make sure you’re the administrator, Doofus.

Follow this directory and have a look again for any suspicious software.

2. Software (Check here for stuff y’know)
3. Microsoft
4. Windows
5. Current Version

Ask Toolbar
Browser Manager
Claro / iSearch
Coupon Printer for Windows
Facemoods / Funmoods
IncrediBar / IncrediMail
Web Assistant

Look through these directories and scrounge for meanies.

If nothing else works get a hold of  “Kaspersky Rescue CD”, but don’t ask me about that shit I’ve never had to use it lol.


Anyhoo’, I’ll provide links to good Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Stuff.

Anti-Malware Bytes -


JWT (Junkware Removal Tool) -

AdwCleaner -

CCleaner -



Well, I kinda opened a shoddy file from someone I didn’t really trust. I scanned it with AVG and everything, it said it was ok. 


FUN FACT : Files can be obfuscated and almost undetectable by normal antiviruses. I knew this, but I went ahead anyways… Dumb mistake on my part lol.

So the file was encrypted, AVG didn’t detect it. How do you get rid of the virus?

MALWAREBYTES :This anti-malware software is the equivalent of a Hiroshima bomb. It’s completely free and got rid of what AVG couldn’t find. You don’t need the full version to get the hiroshima bomb effects, just run a quick scan or a full scan and presto, your virus issue IS GONE..

Here is a link to malwarebytes.

I won’t even be using any sort of antivirus software anymore, I’ll just run malwarebytes next time I think something is wrong…

DAMAGE REPORT : Some asshole named “gh0st” switched my tumblr password, unfollowed all the blogs i follow and posted some dumb things.

Solution : I will follow back anybody who messages me, or likes this post. I’ll probably reblog this every day until I get all the important people I lost back.

once again


sorry for the dash spam and fuck you “gh0st”

I’ve switched all my important passwords and I should be ok. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Peace.

Nashville Virus Removal

Nashville Virus Removal: Guarding the Health of your Computers!

Summary- The presence of Nashville virus removal in the city ensures the health of the computers of the people who reside there. These services include virus removal along with data recovery so that the computer can be back into its original shape. The best part is that they promise to recover the computer within 24 hours of the time the issue is brought to their notice.

Among the grand population of the world exists a species of being who would not be worried if any micro-organisms attack them. However, the worries about their computer being attacked by any type of viruses would be a greater issue for them. Believe it or not, for them, it would be like their child falling sick and they would go to any extent to recover it from the virus attack! For such computer junkies, who are situated in Nashville, there is always Nashville virus removal. Their services concentrate on the task of helping the people get rid of the viruses that attack their computers. The most impressive aspect of their services is that they extend their services for all kinds of possible viruses. Alongside, they promise the customers to have their computers back in a healthy state within 24 hours of the time the problem is reported to them.

Nashville virus removal services know in depth about the task that they are handling. They are aware of the fact that computer viruses reach a computer through sources like Internet and external drives. That is why; they are always prepared to face the most difficult and stickiest of the computer viruses. What’s more? They assure you that your valuable data would not be lost in the process! The people at these virus removal centers in Nashville use more and more sophisticated methods of virus removal with which the data of the computers stays unaffected by the virus. This might involve strategic moves from the side of the technicians who deal with these troubles, but they never withdraw from it and provide the best services that you and your computer rightly deserve!

The services of these virus removal services range from spot virus cleaning to the annual packages under which they take complete responsibility of handling any kind of virus attacks on the computers. These packages prove to be a profitable deal for the people who want complete protection for their computers. Anytime during the validity of the package, they can approach these service providers and have the health of their computers ensured. The best part about Nashville virus removal is that they lend excellent customer services to the people who approach them. Many of the customers can even expect to get their computers picked up from their houses in case they require these services. It is only for those who are located in the farther areas of Nashville that they have to drop their systems at the virus removal service center.

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AV Guard Online Virus

First off, a little background. 

My full time job right now is working at a cigarette store in Florida, but I do computer repair work on the side as much as possible, I have several certifications in PC repair that I obtained a couple years ago, and I have been doing all that I can in my free time to better educate myself about the field. I hope to someday have a career in computer maintenance and repair.

I was working on a lady’s computer who had somehow managed to download this fake antivirus program, at first it looked like no big deal, run malwarebytes fix any changed made to the registry, should be easy. I’ve dealt with similar fake antivirus programs before without too much trouble but this one was a little special, so I’ve decided to post a few tips that made my life much easier while dealing with this issue. 

At first I was able to download, install and run malwarebytes with no problem, It found about 37 infected objects which I removed and then restarted, this seemed to solve the majority of the issue for about 2 seconds. I soon realized that I was unable to open malwarebytes or any other anti spyware program that I had installed. Re-installing the program would allow it to open once, scan for about 20 seconds and then close abruptly. The customer also has McAfee anti virus installed and that was being shut down as well. After some research I was able to find some registration codes for AV Guard Online which will disable it once entered, those codes can be found here. This stops the program from constantly finding fake threats, but it does not remove the program. Once this was done, I was still unable to use any anti spyware/malware programs that had been downloaded, the workaround I found for this was downloading and installing malwarebytes on a flash drive connected to a clean PC, change the mbam exe file name to “iexplore” and running the scan directly from the flash drive. Once the scan finished I was able to install and run spyware/malware programs normally, Mcafee turned back on and everything was happy. Full removal instructions can be found here but they will do you no good unless you are still able to run anti spyware/malware programs on the infected computer. I hope that this is helpful to someone out there dealing with this same bullshit problem.


If you see this post on your dash or on your friends’ blogs anywhere,

DO NOT CLICK THE LINK! It is a scam that will put a virus on your computer. I dont have much info about it but since i clicked the link it has posted on my blog 5 different times without me rebloging it, and the antivirus on my computer has come up 7 times since yesterday telling me i have a virus to remove. so I repeat DO NOT CLICK THE LINK, DO NOT REBLOG IT, AND REBLOG THIS POST TO SPREAD THE NEWS!  the scam post has over 30k notes, so make sure that this message gets out to as many people as possible.


1.First you need to boot into safe mode, restart you computer will tapping f8 key. Choose the start safe mode with networking option.

2. open run ( windows key and r on the keyboard) and type this in and hit enter.


3. delete everything in that folder, or at least everything that it will let you.

4. open run ( windows key and r on the keyboard) and type this in and hit enter.


5. go to services tab, make sure the hide all microsoft services is checked. Then hit disable all.

6. Go to start up tab and disable all.

7. Restart computer.

8.Go to this site, download it and run ( click blue download button, will not run on windows 8)

9. Will take a while and restart.

10. Download install malwarebytes anti malware.

11. your welcome and I’m sorry about the grammar and spelling.

I will honestly sell my left nipple if it means I can get rid of whatever-the-fuck virus is shittin w/ my computer, and making green underlined text, and that corner-flip-page advertisement

I reset Firefox, cleared my cookies, uninstalled and reinstalled a NEW version of Firefox, followed all the instructions on this vid (I even tried the new url this particular virus is using, and already uninstalled the Media Watch thing someone in the comments of that vid said to uninstall last time this happened), and followed all the instructions to this guide (including removing all the programs listed, but there was only one on that list I saw to remove, and a few others that weren’t on that list that simply looked suspicious, but since OffersWizard wasn’t even in my programs, even tho it’s clearly showing pop-ups on my internet, then there might be another suspicious program in there that I didn’t find??)

plz, dear fucking god, help me

Simple Ways to Tune Up Your PC

One thing that you need to understand is that when you are using a desktop system, it requires regular maintenance. It is just like you have a car that needs to be taken care of or tuned up to keep it running well. In order to keep your PC running in mint condition, you need to opt for the best PC tune up. The tips mentioned in the blog will help you tune up your PC.

Let us find out all about the tips related to the tune up process.

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First of all if you see this in your feed DO NOT CLICK! it is a lie and does not work! IT IS A VIRUS!!

but if you do click it and your blog is infected Do not fear I think I have found the cure!!

Go here and disconnect the site from your blog… whether that is stalker or someother spam site… i am 90% sure this will work. I was infected with this virus, i removed it 3 hours ago and it hasn’t posted spam yet! I also removed past viruses! Go now and rid yourselves of the viruses!!!

Cryptowall - UNLOCKED

Cryptowall – UNLOCKED

Cryptowall, a ransomware, a type of virus but not one that any anti-virus program, UNTIL NOW, has been able to stop. Cryptowall aka Decrypt Virus will infect ALL your documents, pictures and Outlook files. When it does, they are GONE. A lot of popular anti-virus programs have claimed to be able to stop it and/or clean it but that is wrong, until now. Cryptowall has been conquered by an anti-virus…

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How to identify Best Antivirus Security Software?

We live in a free world! Free messages, free navigation, free emails, free internet calls, free apps, knowingly or unknowingly, we are becoming quite reliant on these free utilities. But, is it worth to hand over your digital security to a free antivirus program? Before concluding an answer, let’s understand: Why do we need Antivirus software?

Known to many, Antivirus software is a program designed to keep your system healthy, up to dated and free from cyber threats. Installing potential antivirus software will ensure your PC/Server remains protected against most viruses, worms, Trojan, horses and certain unwanted invaders. This will also prevent your computer; become the victim of certain malicious acts like deleting files and accessing your personal information.

Is it possible to get free Antivirus Software?

Of course, it is possible to get your computer installed with Free Antivirus software as so many are easily obtainable over internet. You just need to Google ‘Download Free Antivirus software’ and a whole long list of free virus removal support antivirus software will be available to you.


Why go with paid Virus Removal Software and not with free?

While Free Antivirus software gives you some value, they do not have everything Paid Virus Removal support antivirus software would have. Free virus removal applications have less frequent signature updates than certain paid products that leave a fair chance for new viruses to attack your system even evading detection. On the other hand, good quality paid antivirus software do suspicious checks on samples that don’t match a particular signature on frequent basis. Also free utilities have less scanning options than paid Virus Removal apps.

Which Free Antivirus Software is best for you?

In this highly competitive world, it is actually not possible to get hold of a terrific Free Antivirus Software. However, getting a Free Trail Version can turn out to be a best bid for you. Easy3s SmartCop antivirus is one such competent antivirus software known to provide a complete security solution for laptops, Personal computers Support Antivirus, servers and even for an enterprise also against several notorious cyber threats and viruses. Initially, you may install its trial version for 15 days which is available absolutely free of cost and after you get thoroughly persuaded; its complete version is also available for download.

"FBI" Virus removal instructions.

I’ve been seeing more and more clients getting hit with the “FBI” virus. The virus seems to be making it’s way into systems using Java exploits. I can’t stress to my clients enough that when Adobe or Java products prompt for an update to install them ASAP. These updates address security and performance issues within the products and it is imperative that they be updated! Just last October Oracle released JAVA updates to resolve 50 known security exploits that would allow attackers to gain access to outdated systems or infect computers with Virus’s like the “FBI” virus. Even if you’re Anti Virus program is up to date and you let other updates lapse you are still very vulnerable to virus infections.
Removal Instructions: This set of instructions is pretty generic for removing most types of viruses.

1. Boot the system into safe mode with networking support by pressing the F8 key, right after the computer is started but right before the Windows splash screen loads. This may take a few tries.

2. Once the system starts and you are at you’re desktop download, install and run the following programs in the order they are listed.

program 1 rkill will shutdown any third party background processes that may prevent you’re system from running the other programs listed below. Safe mode will not always stop malware processes.

Program 2 MalwareBytes this is the mother of all Malware removal tools and will often remove what Norton, McAfee, and other Anti-virus programs cannot. Once installed and opened it should grab some updates and you should than select “Perform Full scan”. This may take about two hours depending on the computer. Mean while you can run the next program.

Program 3 TDSSKiller Simply just click Start when the program opens and a quick scan for rootkits will be done. I Find that most computer users with that have managed to get one Virus will often have rootkits on the machine so this is just a follow up to MalwareBytes.

Once MalwareBytes is done scanning you can select the option to remove the infections and than click yes to reboot the computer. With any luck the “FBI” virus and any other virus on the system will be removed.

I’ve also seen version of the “FBI” virus prevent users from accessing safe mode by causing a blue screen each time an attempt is made, Enter Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 which is a live cd based on Debian Linux that will allow you to run  a Kaspersky AV scan without booting into windows and hopefully eliminate the “FBI” virus.

Good Luck!