"You’re respectful, unlike some o’ yer mates, and y’ have some pretty good ideas ‘bout what t’ do when yer bored that’s f’r sure. ‘f I e’re needed crew, y’d be on th’ list o’ folks I’d look up… after my kin, of course."

"Just stow the jealousy would y’? Not flirtin’ with yer woman, y’ daft barnacle. She’s your woman fer a damn reason!”

The sailor doesn’t react for a moment. The bar is packed enough that a little accidental contact isn’t unexpected, but Han’s hand keeps going up and—

"Woah!" Saiga grabs the other man’s arm, yanking to put him off balance and then puts him in a headlock. "I think you’ve had a lil’ too much t’ drink, Han!" He declares with a laugh. "No’ that I ain’ flattered, but I ain’ that desperate either!" The assassin is released from the headlock and the sailor picks up his drink, grinning. "At leas’ no’ right now, anyway. Keep yer hands t’ yerself there."

virtueofpity-deactivated2014040 said:

"5 more minutes...."

Han’s fallen asleep. Not in the most dignified of positions, but when you’re in a profession where you sleep when you can, no matter where the opportunity presents itself, you get into some weird ones.

In this case, the assassin is sitting up with limbs stretched out, his head tipped back and against the wall, his mouth wide open and a soft snore sounding out with each breath. Saiga doesn’t really want to wake him up, since Han could probably use the rest, but it won’t do him much good if he hurts himself by sleeping like this. At the same time, Saiga doesn’t want to trust the assassin’s reflexes; he’s met more than a few men in his time who react violently when woken by surprise, and he isn’t all that interested in finding out if Han is among that number.

"Han. Hansen. Han, wake the fuck up ‘fore a rat crawls in yer trap." He says, and nudges the assassin’s ankle gently with his booted foot, ready to jump backwards at a moment’s notice.

16: Upside-Down Kiss

Grinning down at the man below, he narrowed his eyes, cracking his knuckles as he steadied himself on the pole he was on. Finally, he wrapped his legs around it and swung himself downwards so he came face-to-face with the whaler. “Hey fucker is it me you’re—” A grunt came from him as he banged into the other, banging faces with him and—accidentally kissing him.