Combined AR tour system put together by SNDRV employs both a Google Glass and Occulus Rift head for a pair to explore alternative experiences in public spaces - video embedded below:

Where will we be in the world of the future, and how will this world of the future manifest itself? Will we be sitting at home, exploring an Oculus universe constructed by Facebook, or will we be exploring a semi-digital world controlled by Google? While both companies are still engaged in a battle for our eyeballs, when Google Glass and Oculus Rift go hand in end the result is a winning team: OcuplusGlass! Let Google Glass guide you to those spots and trajectories in the city where the physical world matches the virtual experience.

A mash-up solving a lot of the disadvantages of each of the devices. If you’re ignoring the world around you and experiencing Oculus content in isolation, at your couch at home, you’re missing something. Finding the world of Glass not that immersive? The OcuplusGlass tours lets both devices do what they can do best, and it adds an element that seems to be absent more and more in the increasingly digital society of today: the human touch. Being guided by a human goes beyond any audiovisual technological feature thinkable.

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Disney’s California Adventure ~ Paradise Pier by HawaiianVirtualTours on Flickr.


Normally I would post these once a day with links to the posts, but extenuating circumstances and all that. I’m including the link to the master post, where you can find all the links for every tour stop (which, on hindsight actually seems like the more expedient way of doing this, why have I not thought of that before?) Click the link each day for updated blog posts!

Anyway! The tour starts today. I’m giving away some things, including a handful of those survival kits in a sardine cans right up there! Comment, have fun. Win a sardine can that will save your life when zombies come. Win/Win.

A list of the best virtual tours online.

After recently viewing an exceptional virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel online, it got me curious as to what other interesting virtual tours existed on the web. This is by no way an extensive list, but is some of the ones I consider to be the best and least polluted with advertising.

7 Wonders of the world

Not full screen and not full 360 views, but still worth a visit. The Colleseum is worth checking out.

The Sistine Chapel showcasing Michelangelo’s finest work

Most certainly the best virtual tour I have come across. Full screen, high resolution and zoom-able. A must for people who love art and the Italian Renaissance era.

Apollo 17’s Exploration of the moon

Not 360, but several tours are provides allowing you to examine the moon from different location. Earlier Apollo missions also have virtual tours.

The Louvre in Paris

A great idea but not greatly executed. Tours are quite small and require Quicktime installed. Many tours of the building are available but are limited in resolution.

Van Gogh’s artwork tour

A great idea that has potential but could be executed better. Tour is small and requiring Quicktime, but allows you to click through the various rooms in the building and click on the paintings to bring up more detail and information.

Panoramic Earth virtual 360 Art Gallery tours

A great site providing many 360 tours, but at small size and require Quicktime. Useful if you are interested in the design of an art gallery or want to check out a location before visiting. No option to explore locations in detail.

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