Thought of the Day: There is a Time and place for everything.

True story:

So I took my sister to this deli that has bomb breakfast sandwiches and I pointed out to her that it was a Christian establishment (from the books I saw on their book shelf) and something told me to go read the daily devotional that they had open (Psalm 61:2-4) … So while we (my sister and I) were reading the devotional, the owner walks by and says, “He talks to you everyday”(referring to God). And we’re like yes we know… Long story short, he goes to his car gets a copy of the devotional book, anoints the book with oil and prays over my sister and I in the restaurant… I’m still in shock… Funny thing is we decided to go to the restaurant last week… That truly made my day
The fact God orchestrated this whole day from plans we made last week just shows that he (God) is always 10 steps ahead of us… Thank you Father God for using your servant to speak life into me

The fight against evil has been since the beginning of time. Against the power of creation and productivity, – deception. - a snake: slimy, dirty, in the mud. The word of God is a sword that has the abilty to chop that snake up. It can chop all of “our snakes” into pieces! Whatever is bothering us. The devil wants you to be deceived, but Understand and get into the word of God. Fear… for what? Psalms says: the Lord is my shepard. He leads us through the valley of the shadow of death. Remember the holy spirit is a dove “in the air”. God gives us direction, and abundance from His view. It’s not always gonna be easy, but Proverbs says the virtous woman strengthens her arms. The struggle only makes you strong. The woman is a figure of “productivity and increase.” Snakes aren’t for productivity they’re for devouring and division. The word says The Lord is my shepard. “I should lack nothing nothing”. there is no reason I should be without.
Man shall not live by bread alone, but every “word” that proceeds from the mouth of God.

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