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Aries: something you believe in
Taurus: something that changed your life
Gemini: your favorite way to spend a day alone
Cancer: something you’re very good at
Leo: your best life decision
Virgo: something you’ve won
Libra: one thing you wish you knew
Scorpio: something you’ve always wanted to try
Sagittarius: your best quality
Capricorn: your favorite song
Aquarius: your dream job
Pisces: someone you really admire

what the signs hate
  • aries:sleep, not feeling they're good enough
  • taurus:being unsure what to do next, not feeling safe
  • gemini:large crowds of strangers, no one to talk to
  • cancer:being manipulated, choosing important details
  • leo:being questioned on their loyalty
  • virgo:when their thoughts are scrambled
  • libra:not being able to accomplish how they wish to look
  • scorpio:time, emotions, the past
  • sagittarius:being unable to self motivate, relying people
  • capricorn:their mistakes, being lied to
  • aquarius:not being taken seriously, not knowing enough
  • pisces:being told they're not enough, big decisions
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Zodiac Teamwork
  • Aries:They believe the secret to their modesty is that they wear their greatness with light. Flattery works for the Arian, the mission needs to sound goal oriented, No compliment is too outrageous for them to accept
  • Taurus:Taureans respond well to the timely cliches, and do not pressure them to change their core values. They feel taken advantage of by fake flitter, they prefer being flattered as though they are something wild
  • Gemini:Change the subject before them- they will think they are with a higher form, avoid the heavy "us" conversation, let them dabble in their temporary ventures, give them a message to broadcast to society
  • Cancer:Don't abuse their capacity for empathy, shower them with inspirational quotes and guidance rather than 'pull yourself together', never throw anything out that belongs to them, never speak ill about anyone close to them
  • Leo:They wear their greatness with light so there is no point criticising them for having an ego. Reassure them of their intelligence, allow for an extra hour before going out, no compliment can ever be over-effusive
  • Virgo:Realize their compulsivity cannot be attenuated, if they are nervy - give them a task to complete, they prefer 3 weeks notice before plans and recognize their hints - they are quite subtle
  • Libra:Understanding Libra does not divide people by good or bad - its by charm or monotony, don't resent their campaign to make the whole planet like them, never force them to take one side, dont be afraid of romantic cliches
  • Scorpio:If you are going to thank them go to the lengths - write them a letter, understand their finely calibrated personal point scoring mechanism, fascinate them by letting them think you have a lurid secret, don't gossip in front of them
  • Sagittarius:Just add the phrase 'it will be an adventure!' to all your plans, don't restrict them or fence them in, take them into the wilderness to cheer them up, understand Sagittarius can dish tactlessness but cant take it
  • Capricorn:Don't boast about your accomplishments, be acclaimed, don't lose self control, recongize 'no comment' can sometimes be the only comment, keep your hands off them in public but be wildly insatiable behind closed doors
  • Aquarius:Don't hassle them about time-they live in their own time zone, they get off on people who are glamorous and confident (Leo come here), betray no personal alarm at their personal rant, encourage their inventiveness
  • Pisces:Understand they cannot be deceived, no matter how naive you think they are - they like to be all things to all people. Listen deeply to what they have to say, don't pry-they like pretending they are shallow but have the oceanic depths of their personality beneath
The Signs as The Weeknd Songs (all classified as nsfw)

Aries: XO
Taurus: Twenty Eight
Gemini: Often
Cancer: High For This
Leo: Or Nah
Virgo: The Morning
Libra: Pretty
Scorpio: Earned It
Sagittarius: Live for It
Capricorn: Rolling Stone
Aquarius: Belong To The World 
Pisces: Wicked Games

the signs + problematic things they would do as a celebrity
  • Aries:will pull a Natalia Kills and claim that every other celebrity is trying to steal their look
  • Taurus:spends 50% of their paycheck the first day they get it and then appears on TV the next day announcing their bankruptcy
  • Gemini:never shuts up and ends up saying some stupid shit that results in them getting dragged by the media for 100 years
  • Cancer:will go on social media only to rant and complain about how hard their life is as a celebrity
  • Leo:will pull publicity stunts 24/7 and then complain about all the attention but secretly love it
  • Virgo:criticizes every other celebrity in the industry and claims to be the Messiah
  • Libra:will preach about spreading 'love' and 'peace' but will shade other celebrities in their interviews
  • Scorpio:fights their own fans
  • Sagittarius:'accidentally' leaks their own nudes
  • Capricorn:will whine whenever they feel that they are not being appreciated for their 'art'
  • Aquarius:publicly claims to know all the governments secrets
  • Pisces:will show up late to all their scheduled appearances
Signs in High School (Long& Based On Personal Experiences)

Aries: Really sweet and hilarious while also loving to fight and defend themselves along with their friends. Usually loud in class and speak their minds easily. A fiery spirit.
Taurus: Usually quiet in class, but the life of the party when it comes to their friends. Focused on having a relationship or a best friend. Determined and stubborn, even when wrong. May try to mooch food off of you.
Gemini: Sweet as hell. Giggly. Could be the class clown. Social butterfly. Loves to gossip. Will probably share their snacks with you if they don’t hate you.
Cancer: Quiet usually. Can seem kind if depressed while away from friends, but when with them they can be the loudest in the room. Caring. Will share secrets to hugs to homework answers with you if you’re nice.
Leo: Funny as hell. Usually puts socializing before school work. Always cheers everyone up and is determined to make someone smile.
Virgo: Usually quiet during class. Smart. Hilarious and smiley with their best friends. Can be very sarcastic and determined. Lovable. Can seem stoic to people they don’t like.
Libra: Fricken hilarious. Loud, but in a good way. Smart. Always defends their friends. Makes good suggestions for class lessons. They’re hot and they know it.
Scorpio: Hilarious. Usually doesn’t care about grades, but is really smart anyway. Loud sometimes. Probably is the one to tell a dead baby joke and make the whole class awkward. Assertive.
Sagittarius: Very kind and always ask about your problems. Can go from sweet to bitch in two seconds when they’re provoked. Smart and really good at art. Probably the best singer in the school. And one of the biggest pranksters.
Capricorn: Quiet usually and sweet. Always ready to help you with your problems and will listen. Really smart.
Unemotional unless provoked.
Aquarius: Smiley and carefree. Rebellious and hilarious. Kind of likes to fight and loves defending their reputation. Smart as hell. Will tell you like it is, they don’t sugar coat things.
Pisces: Easily gets heartbroken or develops crushes. Really smart. Lovable. Somehow gets involved in a lot of bad things even though they’re sweet like honey.

  • Tinker Bell - Cancer - Emotional, Moody, Imaginative.
  • Silvermist - Pisces - Sympathetic, Sensitive, Compassionate.
  • Fawn - Taurus - Determined, Patient, Warmhearted.
  • Iridessa - Sagittarius - Straightforward, Optimistic, Intellectual.
  • Rosetta - Virgo - Wise, Fussy, Reliable.
  • Vidia - Libra - Charming, Self-indulgent, Easygoing.
  • Periwinkle - Leo - Generous, Enthusiastic, Loving.
  • Zarina - Scorpio - Forceful, Passionate, Ambitious.
  • Queen Clarion - Libra - Peaceable, Romantic, Sociable.
  • Fairy Mary - Aries - Energetic, Impatient, Quick-Witted.


why you should date a(n)...

aries: you want a love story or not

taurus: foreplay and financial security 

gemini: if you don’t then you’re boring 

cancer: I will make your heart feel at home

leo: epic romance will probably turn into a popular movie

virgo: I will build a temple in honor of our love

libra: you would basically be dating an art gallery

scorpio: you’ll have a poem written about you

sagittarius: once you date a sagittarius you really don’t go back… 

capricorn: do you know what a twin flame is

aquarius: because they’re going to be ‘the one that got away’

pisces: your wildest dreams will basically come true lol

the signs as summer memories
  • aries:spending days at a time going through and watching their favorite feel good movies on netflix, public pools, kicking around sticks and pebbles on the ground walking home
  • taurus:going through yearbooks, cleaning out their closet, pretending not to have read texts
  • gemini:spending nights sleeplessly wishing they were somewhere else, the sound of waves crashing, stormy nights then waking up to the damp ground
  • cancer:giving good advice, letting their phone ring until it goes to voicemail, giving themselves sharpie tattoos
  • leo:braiding their friends hair, looking in mirrors, walking around good neighborhoods at 12 am
  • virgo:baking pastries using box-mixes with friends, vanilla extract, talking shit about their exes over the phone
  • libra:listening to music in a friends car at 2 am, scabs on their feet, fuzzy vision from being up too late, fog
  • scorpio:making their room smell like nail polish, listening to others talk because they like the background noise, spraying their siblings/friends with hose water
  • sagittarius:daisy chains, hiking in woods in the middle of big cities, laughing, riding their bike in the morning and forgetting about everything for a couple of seconds, quiet
  • capricorn:organizing stationary, throwing away schoolwork, living off of grocery store lemonade
  • aquarius:dark lipstick, cutting t-shirts into crop tops, outgrowing your favorite thing, snow cones and ice cream trucks
  • pisces:not trusting anyone with the aux cord during road trips, writing letters to their future self, dancing in their room wearing sweatpants and a tank top
Pick-Up Lines for each of the Signs

Aries: R u the sun bc damn ur fricken hot
Taurus: I’d give up sweets if I could have a piece of that ass
Gemini: Ur hotter than the bottom of my laptop
Cancer: Love me I’m cute
Leo: We would take such cute couple selfies *wink wink*
Virgo: You’re perfect and amazing and you seem really cool and we should talk more and now I’m rambling just make out with me
Libra: If I could rearrange the alphabet I’d put u and i together
Scorpio: You’re hot let’s fuck
Sagittarius: Hi
Capricorn: Shut up and kiss me. Please.
Aquarius: you + me sitting in a tree k i s s i n g
Pisces: Do you like cuddling?

Colors of the signs:

Aries: fiery red. courageous and daring like a red,  they are also optimistic people.  they’re very adventurous, extremely passionate, and energetic. they stereotypically have a temper, but that is bc they are strong warriors who don’t let anyone mess with them.

Taurus: dark green. taurus is stern when you need it, and truthful. the most dependable and honest friend you could get. their patience reminds me of a dark green, like the leaves on  a tree.

Gemini: light pink. they’re intellectual and interesting. know how to hold an intriguing conversation no matter how shy they are (although they’re typically not shy). they’re soft like a light pink color.

Cancer:  navy blue. closed-off at first, but they are deep, sensitive people. they will protect you at all costs, so you know you’re safe with them. they’re faithful and true. their emotions remind me of a blue, and a navy blue because they have deep, loving emotions.

Leo: gold. confident and striking, they leave you in awe. they have big hearts and are energetic, fun people. they settle for nothing less than the best, and are basically royalty, that’s why they remind me of gold.

Virgo: white. they are pure, simple, and sweet like white. they’re typically timid and nurturing. no matter what, a virgo will have your back. hides their emotions, but has a lot of them and loves people so deeply.

Libra: pink. libras are the most balanced people, hence the symbol of their sign. they make great listeners and will make you feel at peace just by talking to them. they’re charming, romantic, and get your attention just like pink.

Scorpio: dark red. they’re brave and determined people. they know how to get what they want. they have a great sense of intuition and are ambitious. they tend to be a bit secretive and mysterious, which is similar to dark red.

Sagittarius: magenta. they’re bright and optimistic. they are full of life and fun adventures. sagittarius is a generous friend and lover, and will amaze you with their intelligence. they are free and fun, like a magenta color.

Capricorn: light green. capricorn is a disciplined, patient sign. they are very ambitious and won’t let anything get in the way of their dreams. they’re practical and intelligence, such as a light green.

Aquarius: light blue. they aspire to make the world a better place. unusual and interesting people, who are independent and loyal. like the color of the ocean, they’re full of kindness and surprises everyday. 

Pisces: yellow. the most selfless people you will meet. they are very soft and kind, and are always there for you. they have a great sense of sympathy and love to help others, and although they can be pessimistic i think they go well with the color yellow since they’re bright, beautiful people no matter what they think.

The Signs Alone at 3 A.M.!

Aries- Bakes a fucking cake because baking is fuCKING AwESOME and then goes for a run because running is FuCkING AweSOME

Taurus- Binge watching seasons of something on netflix and probably eating some bomb ass snacks

Gemini- Spamming everyone they know with text messages and videos of them snorting smarties 

Cancer- Crying about their fish that died when they were four

Leo- Maybe crying while doing their makeup and conflicted between loving themselves bc hot af or hating themselves bc idk??

Virgo- Reorganizing everything in their entire house and/or dancing in their underwear to classical music 

Libra- Probably sending nudes. Or getting drunk. Or writing nice letters to their friends. Or all three??

Scorpio- Watching porn/ streaking/ plotting ways to ‘accidentally’ take down all the people who have ever wronged them/ painting pictures of kittens. You never know tbh

Sagittarius- Running around downtown in a bathing suit and horse mask or learning how to speak hebrew??

Capricorn- COUNTIN THOSE DOLLA BILLZ!??!?!@J!>!>O@ just kidding probably watching a documentary about salamanders because salamanders are cool

Aquarius- Masturbating and having an existential crisis beCAUSE wHeRE DID WE COME FROM AND WHY AND HOW. Or maybe making a piñata :D

Pisces- Probably trying to smoke weed but burns themselves with the lighter so they cry and play with My Little Pony’s. 

HELLO LOVELIES I know this is really random and weird but it was just something quick because I feel bad about being so inactive but anyway I hope you like it (: Please don’t take any of this seriously, it’s just for fun and to make you laugh (hopefully). I love you guys so much and I’ll try to be more active today and these next few days before school starts again )))::::

<3 !!!! xoxoox