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Yesterday (and today) a preacher came to the university my sister attends, James Madison University, preaching about how the students there were going to hell, how being gay is wrong, and how cheerleaders and sorority girls are all whores. He even made a song about young women being whores (which you can check out in this article). Now anyone who is a follower of Jesus Christ knows that God is a God of love, not hate. It is not our duty to judge; only God can judge us. God loves all his children. 

Now typically at events like this, students fight back with words of hate, yelling, and the occasional protest. However, these students took a different approach. Instead of yelling at the preacher, instead of arguing his words, they drowned him out with a song of love and tolerance. Whether you are religious or not, I hope you agree that promoting love and tolerance is a much better way to react to a situation such as this than fighting back would be. 

UPDATE: My sister just informed me that the Christian group on campus that sang this song, wrote a formal apology on behalf of their organization after this event for any past situations when they too have spread hate and not love. Simply amazing.

Kahdeem, a graduating Psychology major (Fall 2014), has been somewhat of an older brother to me throughout my college experience. His positive attitude & steady encouragement has been invaluable throughout the three years that I’ve known him. As a former collegiate basketball player with an unconditional love for the game, KD sees himself being a youth basketball coach in the near future.