Atlantic Coast is under threat

US authorities returned to the idea of oil extraction on the Atlantic coast.
According to them, the proposal will be included in the five-year plan of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the United States, providing the possible sale of portions of federal lands for oil and gas development in the period from 2017 to 2022.
This initiative will be a boon for the oil companies, which were in favor of oil development on the Atlantic coast for decades.
Environmentalists negatively evaluate the idea of oil production in these areas. According to them, oil extraction on the coast of Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia could lead to environmental disaster.
Council spokesman for the Natural Resources Defense noted that drilling in the Atlantic jeopardizes the entire east coast.

Recent Acquisition - Photograph Collection 

Original caption, June 8, 1945:
Red Cross Water Safety Director Carroll L. Bryant demonstrates muscular movements used in the new Red Cross convalescent swimming course developed for reconditioning of war casualties. Now under way at Camp Pickett, Va., this class is composed of picked men from Army convalescent hospital staffs, who will qualify as instructors, and establish and conduct convalescent swimming courses for returned veterans suffering from combat fatigue and physical disabilities.”

A very cold 7 miles

It was so cold this afternoon. It had snowed last night but it had melted by the time I went running so I didn’t have to deal with that. I did have some very chilly winds coming off the ocean. Thankfully I wore my Adidas ClimaHeat tights so I stayed nice and comfortable during my run. I definitely recommend these for those colder days. 

What made me uncomfortable was the urge to once AGAIN go to the bathroom during my run. (see miles 5 & 6) Every run since I got to Virginia has been interrupted by my stomach issues. I don’t know what it is. Back home it wouldn’t be a problem because I always know where the closest bathroom is. Here is a different story. Thankfully I found one before the urge became unbearable. Hopefully this issues goes away before my next race. 

Yearly Mileage Goal: 157.3/2015

Sometimes when I go exploring, a DSLR gets in the way and makes quick exits a bit more difficult, so I make sure to always have my phone on me to grab snapshots, and have on hand in case of emergencies, etc. Yeah, yeah, I know I could buy a point and shoot or something, but why waste great technology with unnecessary purchases?! 8 megapixels is more than plenty for me. Plus I’m really good at losing things so the less stuff I have on me, the better. 

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Recent Acquisition - Ephemera Collection 

Letterhead, December 22, 1897

Davis Carriage Mf’g Co., Manufacturers and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Carriages, Buggies, Wagons, Carts, Harness, Whips, Saddles and Bridles, Agricultural Implements of all kinds. Special attention given to Repairing and Painting. Horse shoeing a specialty. A.L. Davis, Proprietor. Mutual phone 171. Petersburg, Va.

Republicans dismissed the plan as political posturing, and the Senate committee instead passed through a bill that would allow people to get a lifetime concealed carry permit, and a bill that would allow concealed carry on school properties in some cases.

“It was an awesome day,” Philip Van Cleave, pro-gun Virginia Citizens Defense League president told The Virginian-Pilot.


Hey everyone,

Due to my shitty health, I recently had to move out of my old apartment and break my lease. My landlord was understanding due to my circumstances, but I still will have to pay rent in the upcoming months if my place is not rented. If you know anyone looking to move into a lovely two bedroom/one bath in the Fan in RVA, please message me. I can’t afford the rent on top of all of my other expenses so I really need to get someone to move in fast. Please please please contact me if you know of a possible tenant.

Virginia could pass a law that allows doctors, teachers, and all businesses to deny service to gay, lesbian, and bi people under the guise of “religious freedom”. In the face of progress for marriage equality, this is how anti-gay groups are fighting back.

If we can convince members of the voting committee to vote ‘no’, it will never see the light of day. We need a giant public outcry right now to show the committee that citizens in Virginia and around the country are paying attention. 

Can you add your name to this petition?

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