Industry News from a Series of Tubes
September 15, 2014

Margaret Atwood’s new work won’t be seen for 100 years.

The ten songs in Greil Marcus’ The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten Songs

In Amazon v. Hachette news, Hachette CEO to meet with James Patterson at SIBA Discovery Show in Norfolk, VA. I can only assume it’s to unveil the USS Moby, a battleship built and manned by booksellers, authors and powered entirely by journaling.

A look back at Oyster’s year of e-book subscription.

Benjamin Whitmer don’t do redemption. An interview with the author of Cry Father.

Bookstores live! Josh Weil and Mike Harvkey continue their book tour across America.

Forget the Haters: Agatha Christie for life.

This person’s 10 best books you probably haven’t read.

Indies are still on the rise.

Check out these awesome writers talking about writing.

Artists create book that turns black as it is read.

publishersweekly staff pick their funniest books.

Books you read in public vs. private.

American Reader to drop it’s digital content and focus entirely on print.

Before you read this: 10 great books based on other great books.

How not to respond to a bad review.

McDonald’s India includes books in happy meals instead of toys.

The reappearance of Walter Benjamin, the German literary critic who died more than 70 years ago.

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-David Schuller