Today was a snow day, and I’m guilty of using it to draw to my heart’s content. Drew a medieval au based off of this pic! Not finalized for Virgil’s armour, & I still gotta check with asknicolaivanguard/pinataskitty whether Hal’s actually a ninja.

I imagine that Virgil is stuck with keeping an eye on Hal since Hal was arrested for everything, but was given a chance to redeem himself by doing dangerous missions under observation.

You know what show we don't talk about enough?

Static Shock. This show was like everything to me as a kid. Not only did it have a black protagonist.

but an awesome gay superhero

a BAMF lady hero

and a superhero with dyslexia

It dealt with important issues like peer pressure

gang violence


bullying and gun safety

and I think that is worth talking about


Wendy Carlos born November 14, 1939
AKA the mother of modern electronic music

This amazing woman composed and recorded the entire Clockwork Orange soundtrack, yeah, that shit, that amazing stuff, this gal, right here.  Also, The Shining, yep.  That scary masterpiece, this gal made the music that made you piss.
She also did the original TRON soundtrack, so bow down, please.

Her biggest break through album was Switched On Bach(1968) which, yes, is amazing synth-y classical jams.

She began transitioning with the use of hormones in 1968 and has also won like 4 friggin’ awards for being awesome!(actually, mostly for having amazing music which directly equals being friggin’ awesome)

So, if anyone asks you who the biggest bad ass in electronic-acoustic, or just electronic music in general, you tell them Wendy-God-Damn-Carlos


Your regular, friendly reminder that one of the most popular comic book creations of the late 20th century, not to mention one of the few “Modern Age” characters to truly break out in the mainstream, is still Virgil Ovid Hawkins, known by most as Static, yet to this day called Static Shock.

Over 20 years later, he’s still putting a shock to the system.