Most parents teach their kids to not speak with strangers. But what if he has a cute puppy with him? This social experiment was created to raise awareness of child abduction. It was posted yesterday, and has gone viral with over 500,000 views on YouTube. Wow.


Can a child’s drawing make a parent a safer driver? See how Volkswagen installed a simple reminder of a loved one, that slowed drivers at the exact moment they thought of speeding.  

One family had no recorded speed infringements after the installation of the personalised speed dial.
One family reduced their top speed by 19kmh from a max of 123km to a max of 104km.
Half of the drivers’ maximum speeds reduced after fitting their personalised speed dial.
Three out of the four drivers reduced their incidence of speeding in 100km zones by 50%.

Overall, all of the families reduced their speed in multiple driving situations.

Filmed in Auckland, New Zealand
Directed by Luke Bouchier

More about the experiment:…

Get Over Waiting

Who Coca-Cola + Ogilvy & Mather (Amsterdam)
What A new phase to convey the message of “choosing happiness” in the form of a catchy, pop song.
Why we should care Although the music video is slapped with coke products, they get in touch with our human emotions to choose happiness, now.
“Yeah, happiness comes to those who wait… sure, but what are you waiting for?”

What’s the ultimate message we want to convey? Does that message reflect a human truth? (In this case, it’s about choosing to be happy because it’s not only good for ourselves.. it’s contagious and it does good for the people around us too.) And if it doesn’t, then maybe its time to re-evaluate the way we think, the messages we want to convey, because advertising is no longer about product stories or testimonials… it’s about human truths and finding the most creative ways to convey them.


A custom-built truck to deliver the joy of Wall’s ice cream to offices! #GoodbyeSerious


Youtuber muy muy zumbado.

Y eso …

El amigo realiza numerosos retos que le han propuesto por ejemplo echarse Vips Vaporub en los ojos. Visionado recomendado