For years, sources within the alternative media have been predicting that eventually there will be a massive roll out of TSA VIPR teams who will patrol local neighborhoods, transit areas, and high profile events. The implementation of this militarized police force has happened very slowly, over the course of a decade, so the general population has yet to catch on, and the mainstream media has been able to completely ignore this situation.  That is, until now.

This week at Union Station in New York commuters noticed armed agents of the state patrolling the area and searching people randomly.  The TSA refuses to say whether they have actually caught any terrorists, but it has been confirmed by various civil rights attorneys that many peaceful people have been busted in these searches for minor drug and firearm violations.


Yesterday i wanted to get in a quality day of conditioning work before having a day or 2 off (depending how i feel). Well i achieved that i worked very hard even if i do say so myself.

  • Skipping 10 mins
  • GPP Work Out 10 mins (30 seconds burpees,30 seconds dumbbell punches, 30 seconds squats, 30 seconds star jumps, non stop for 10 mins) 

Circuit Training

Each exercise 1 minute repeated circuit 5 times

  • Med Ball Slams 4kg
  • Kettle Bell 8kg Clean and press
  • Bosun Ball Push Ups (alternating hands)
  • High Box Jumps
  • Vipr Lateral Runs
  • Rest 1 minute

Core Circuit

  • The Flag x 5
  • V-Ups 8kg x 10
  • Twists 8kg x 15
  • Chinnies x 20

repeated 3 times

  • Versa Climber for 10 mins - Just went as hard as possible for 10 mins beat the setting i had it on by alot and got well over 1000m. Might start recording the amount of meters i get in 10 mins regularly. 
  • Skipping 5 mins - To finish off todays conditioning i just went as hard as possible for 5 minutes 

Finished with Chin Ups 10 x 4 

Plank Hold for 1 minute

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Yesterday , Conditioning

Yesterday i wanted to just do some conditioning to end my workout week. I planned to take it easy but i got dragged into a circuit at the end of my already knackered workout. Feel good for it though this morning and after a rest today will be really up for bootcamp tomorrow!!

Anyway yesterday..

  • 10 mins rowing (2300 something meters)
  • 20 Mins bike
  • 40 chin ups
  • Core work - the flag 5, v ups 10, twists 15, chinnies 15 as circuit X 2
  • Push Ups Decline 15 x 2

at this point i was thinking of doing some more core work and push ups. i managed to get roped into a circuit training class for work as it was an open day so i couldnt really refuse! It was pretty good! I enjoyed it and might do the same circuit myself sometimes

  • 1 min Vipr Thread the needle
  • 1 min lateral vipr runs
  • 1 Min vipr curl and press on aerobic step up
  • 1 min ladder drills
  • 1 min lateral squat jumps with vipr on back
  • 1 min rest

we just did it twice but after my workout i was goosed! Was told i need to work on bending my knees more by the trainers so going to work on this. However i do have my reasons why i wasn’t and it probably looked like i was trying to get out of it. But no excuses i will work on it but i do know my legs are strong and i can do it no problems when fresh. But all good experience! 


How to Use a ViPR

Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees soft, holding ViPR at thighs with a neutral grip (palms in).

Jump right leg back and to left, bending left knee as you lower right tip of ViPR to floor. Keep chest lifted, gaze forward.

Hop quickly onto right foot, bringing left leg back and to right, lowering left tip of ViPR to floor. Continue back and forth for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

Watch on

Here are 10 variations to a step up exercise using different tools and movement patterns. I like incorporating step ups in routines because it gets your heart rate up and it achieves different things depending on the complexity of the step up. One quick way to progress in all these examples is to put on a weight vest. =)

Visit for more info and tips on health and fitness.

From Gastroposter Serena Alibhai, via Instagram:

Crumpets with butter and jam postworkout. This morning’s ViPR/Bender Ball work out was a challenge so I knew to take a Vega recovery drink and fresh juice right after. Lots of loaded movement including squats, Speedskater weighted side lunges, front and back lunges, curtsy squats in the back, off set training and lots of ab work to end. carbs of choice post workout were 3 crumpets and 4 chicken samosas with lime. Happy Valentine’s Day fitfam


Me and this bad boy called #thebeatlab we were making mixes all night long!
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