It pisses me off how 5sos can’t do something as simple as wearing their idols t-shirts without jackasses saying “lol, they aren’t rock why are they wearing that” LIKE BITCH AND IM NOT IN A GRUNGE BAND BUT I FUCKING LOVE NIRVANA, SUE ME.

I feel sad and lonely tonight. It’s like my stomach twisted itself up into a knot and my eyelids weigh more than they should. My tongue doesn’t feel like it fits behind my teeth and my fingers are tense.

Doctor: I have your diagnosis.

Me: Is it bad?

Doctor: Yes, I’m sorry but you have Star Trek.

Me: Is that … fatal?

Doctor: Without proper treatment it can be.

Me: What must I do to survive Star Trek?

Doctor: The only known cure to Star Trek is repetitive watching of Star Trek in any form. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it you must keep watching. Reading Star Trek helps. Anything Star Trek.

Me: Well, if you insist.