That strange violet hue.  On my first trip into the Schoolfield Complex of Dan River Inc., an enormous textile mill campus in Virginia, I was blown away by a strange violet hue as the sun was about to rise.  The majority of the light coming in was the blue-tinted remnant of civil twilight - but it was coming through huge banks of old factory windows that had been coated in red paint.  This combination, along with the first strains of sunlight, led to this rainbow on the third floor of the original mill building, still chock-full of equipment (seen at right of frame).

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That one on the horse was way cooler in my head but I got tired and bored so have some quick and dirty Anna Camp. (I never knew how much I wanted to say those words until just now.) This exists because I decided there needed to be more pictures of Anna Camp so I drew some pictures of a woman who looks vaguely like Anna Camp because I can’t actually art.


Nome: Violet Mills - Idade: 18 anos - Pai/mãe divino: Jasmynne - Arma: arco e flecha - FC: Amber Heard - Reservado

Animada, carismática e divertida, Violet chegou ao internato aos 14 anos, já sabendo que era uma semideusa filha de Jasmynne, foi muito bem recebida. Apesar de muito jovem, já tem uma carreira estável como bailarina, e por isso, está sempre viajando. Costuma não ligar para provocações e está sempre brincando. Tem uma ótima mira e, por ser abençoada pela deusa da sorte, quase nunca perde uma luta.

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      ✕ – Today had been sufficiently dull. Xenon considered himself to be quite lucky to have happened upon Andy at the last minute, right when he was about to do something highly unnecessary and risky just to get adrenaline pumping through his veins once more.  He was still quite worried about the other male’s physical state, but if there was anything the nonexistent was inherently good at, it was failing to show that concern. 

“Hmm…. say, Andy. If I were to break out into a round of Bohemian Rhapsody right here, right now, what would ya bet on? Somebody joining in with me, starting a flash mob, or….” he trailed off and surveyed the park and the many people milling about, violet eyes settling on a pair of police officers patrolling to make sure the local band gathering didn’t go haywire. 

A slight smirk twitched along his lips. “Would those cops run me off first? Boy ‘m telling ya, I’m just dying to know.”

The Cast as of 4/5/15

Violet Baudelaire- violet-baudelaire-the-inventor

Klaus Baudelaire- Open. (I might get my similarly-aged nephew to do it but that’s kind of a last resort since then we’d have Klaus and Violet speaking in different accents)

Sunny Baudelaire- Open. (worst case scenario, I use my teenaged niece for this role but like if any of you have small female toddlers in your immediate family just record them making noise I’d be ok with that.)

Count Olaf- Aleyah (Violet)’s IRL friend who doesn’t have a tumblr

Charles, Sir and Lemony Snicket- project5121

Phil- One of my IRL friends who also doesn’t have a tumblr

Dr. Orwell- Me

Foreman Flacutono/The Bald Man- Open (Another IRL friend of mine expressed interest a while back but I’d have to talk to him and see if he’s still keen)

Mr. Poe- Open