honestly, could mockingjay have come at a better time than this? Now, when the world is in chaos and we need a symbol, mockingjay rises out of the dust to show how rebellions will always exist, and we have to keep fighting for what we deserve against our oppressors

Help me to shut down this shop!!

argh! I’m really really angry today! some days ago a kind girl advised me about an instagram profile that was showing a tee with one of my illustration on it…


I was really astonished and disappointed about that and I immediately command them to remove that item from their shop! they’ve removed that pic and I innocently thought that it was an isolated incident …but now I came across their facebook page and I’ve found another product with one of my illustrations on it!!


this is totally unfair!!! I’m really upset!! is because of dishonest people like them that art is not respected and working with art is so hard!! I beg you-all to boycott this shop and to share this post…they are surely using other artworks without the owner permission!!! please help me to shut down that shop!! 

How has YouTube managed to stay alive despite having obvious copyright violations up the wazoo?

YouTube has ‘common carrier’ status. What that means is they’re not liable for the content that people upload, as long as they respond to DMCA takedown requests (which they do).

The onus is on the copyright holders to find and report infringing content. But it’s a lost cause because of the sheer volume of uploads.