Vinyl Me, Please Listening Party | Ada Street - Chicago, IL.

I was lucky enough to meet the co-founder Tyler Barstow at a mutual friends party. Whether it was the alcohol or my fine selection of crude humor I managed to make an impression on him; so much that he invited me to their monthly listening party.

This time it was being held at the beautiful restaurant Ada Street, whose outdoor patio is reason enough to go.

But before I get carried away here is a little more about the company:

“Vinyl Me, Please is made up of a group of DJs, music supervisors and enthusiasts with a passion for great music. We eat, sleep, and breathe music and we created Vinyl Me, Please as a way to share our passion with people just like you.

Our mission has always been to share great music with music lovers and we take that very seriously. We traverse the deepest, darkest corners of the world to find music that is more or less undiscovered but is so good it can’t be ignored. And we do that every month. With Vinyl Me, Please, you don’t just get a new record and playlist every month, you join a community. And a damn good one at that.”

On a personal note, Tyler is incredibly genuine, passionate, and disarmingly intelligent. I can’t imagine his company being anything other than wildly successful.


I still can’t believe how time flies so fast. I was little girl while ago and now I’m senior and I’m having prom tomorrow. that’s why i wasn’t here, sorry, i was busy, nervous, stressed and still i am

The green ribbon, which we will get tomorrow is symbol of luck. The green ribbon will bring us luck on green table during finals. That’s our tradition. :’D

I doodled Vinyl in my prom dress to make myself calm down about everything. I hope tomorrow will be everything alright. Wish me luck! I will need it! :)