vinyl cover


My contribution to this year’s Secret 7" event! The track I chose this year was Jake Bugg’s Strange Creatures. To me this song feels like a wet cloudy early morning in the middle of nowhere. I quite like it.

The version I sent to S7 is a bit different than the final one, since I had to rush a bit to make their deadline and revised it a tiny bit afterwards. This is the wonderful stranger who bought my cover (before I even had a chance to see it on the shelf!) - thank you, wonderful stranger!

There are still plenty of one-of-a-kind vinyls available to be bought online - it’s all for a great cause, so if that interests you at all, you should check it out.

This was the illustration I did for the Vinyl cover that never came to be. It was going to be a block print that would be hand pulled….maybe one day i’ll do it if I have the time and money.

This one is of the Vampire Squid from Hell or Vampyroteuthis infernalis in scientific terms.

They are my favorite deep sea creature and have their own Order and are just overall cool little animals.