In commemoration of SCANDAL's 6th Anniversary since debut, starting from 12PM (JST) on 22nd October, the 4 analog versions of SCANDAL’s works that were previously made available only at the venues of SCANDAL’s 10DAYS LIVE are now available for sale via CLUB SCANDAL!

This is only limited to members of SCANDAL’s official phone app that is CLUB SCANDAL. As many had requested for the vinyls to be sold outside of the 10DAYS venue, that wish has now came true on CLUB SCANDAL.

The 4 singles that will be sold are SCANDAL’s “DOLL”, “SAKURA Goodbye”, “Shoujo S" and "Yumemiru Tsubasa”. The 7-inch analog version is priced at ¥1,620 each. However, if you purchase all 4 at a go at ¥6,480, you will be given an original record bag

One with CLUB SCANDAL membership can now access the app through your mobile phones or smart phones and check the home page for more details. To purchase the vinyls, you will also need to have a membership at the Sony Music Shop (free).

Original article at Sony Music HERE, translations by fyscandalband. Previous info about vinyls at the 10DAYS LIVE is HERE.