Things I Love Thursday!

Spring? Is that you? Is that really you, peeking around the corner? 

Considering there’s still snow on the ground and it’s only just getting above 38*, I’m not too sure, but I am nothing if not optimistic. Things that have been making me happy while I defy winter hanging on: 

bright pink nail polish ** spending the weekend with burning-mind and counting down till he comes back for Easter ** new hair styles for my surprisingly long hair via Vintagious ** Vancouver plans!! ** reading Empire of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder and the Battle for Modern New Orleans (Gary Krist) ** bright springy beautiful dresses in deliciously touchable fabrics ** intense text convos about the latest AoS twists ** new ambitious and delicious recipes ** electroswing/neoswing (especially in Agent Carter mixes), like these: 

Like to mix it up every so often (cough, and my hair needs washed but I woke up late, cough) so went backcombing crazy to create this beehive. Was inspired by @natalie_vintagious ‘s new youtube tutorial (link in her bio) because she’s made me want a beehive since I watched it! I didn’t use her technique today since my hair already had a lot of root backcombing, but next time I’ll definitely be trying a new method!