vintagestylexo said:

your answers to anonymous brought me here and yes, Ive downloaded (and read) your book. it is, nice, really. those handwriting is really amazing and your drawings make me laugh. Oh, I am breathing now, in case you want to remind me to breath (lol). every words you wrote make me smile. you think books are magical? me too, and your "book" is definitely added into my list of magical book. :)

hello! thank you for downloading it, it’s so lovely to know that people are actually curious or interested enough to do that :D and i am always happy to make people smile or laugh, that’s one of the best feelings i can think of haha. yeah i think books are magical! they leave so much up to your imagination so in a way you take part in the creation of the story as well, i think (as a reader). but of course that doesn’t just go for books but for anything written, really. i read a lot but unfortunately not a lot of books. anyways, wow :o thank you thank you thank you so much, i love you for saying that :3