“Hey, wait a second !” Vinnie took hold of him. “I have to clean that wound.”
Modo blinked. “It’s just a little scratch!”
“Yeah, maybe”, Vinnie shrugged. “But it can be very fatal as well.”
“What ..?” Modo grimaced when Vinnie poured a cleaning liquid to the wound. “Uh .. you are right ..”
Vinnie grinned and put the patch on the wound. “There, now you’re ready for new challenges, big boy!”
Modo blinked. “Pink hearts?”
“Yep”, Vinnie grinned. “Do not worry, you’re staying alive!”

“Hey ..”, Modo sniffed the air. “You stink.”
“I do not ..”, Vinnie almost blushed.
“Yes, you smell as the same as when you ran into the perfume booth on the store, do you remember? That’s horrible stench!”
“Do not complain! There was not any other shower gel left”, Vinnie growled.
"Yep, yep”, Modo laughed. "You need to got a shower gel. Men’s shower gel, okay.”
Vinnie blushed when Modo kissed him.
“Hmm, actually, could get used to this”, Modo sniffed him again.
"Come on, give it be ..”, Vinnie blushed violently.
"I do not give”, Modo grinned. ”You’re more than cute while still in the woman’s fragrance.”
“I’m a man!” Vinnie growled.
“You’re a mouse”, Modo kissed him again. "But the male mouse.”
“As do you, Mr. Mouse!” Vinnie hissed and sniffed himself. “This is not any kind of the same perfume.”
Modo stared at him.
“This smell, it is much milder.”
“Okay ..”, Modo rolled his eye. "Warn me if you are turning into a woman.”
“What then? Surely you love me still?” Vinnie snapped nervously.
Modo blushed violently. “Hey .. I was just joking ..”
“Of course”, Vinnie growled and went to lie down. "No cookies for you today!”
“Come on”, Modo took hold of him. "It was a joke.”
“A stupid joke”, Vinnie sighed and turned to look at him.
"Well, baby?” Modo leaned closer and kissed him. “Will you forgive me?”
“I will consider it”, Vinnie looked at him fondly. "I just know about these things. Charley told me about them ..”
“I have no doubt”, Modo tried not to laugh.
"You laugh!” Vinnie growled.
“Sorry, sorry!” Modo chuckled softly. “It’s just a funny thing”, he went to lie down next to Vinnie. ”My little girl.”
"You know how big idiot are you?” Vinnie slapped him with a pillow.

“You will not be alone”, Vinnie sighed. “You need us.”
Modo turned to look at Vinnie. “Yeah, I need you ..”, he whispered and lowered his head. “If you knew how hard it is when you may not get something you want too much ..”
Vinnie gulped and went closer. “I think I know ..”
Modo turned his head away.
“You want me”, Vinnie grabbed the hand of Modo. “Here I am. Take me”, he smiled.
Modo looked at him. “But ..”
“No buts”, Vinnie blushed faintly. “I’ve behaved like an idiot, forgive me.”
Modo looked at him and smiled weakly. “Yeah, you’ve been a fool.”
“I have offended you”, Vinnie gave a deep sigh. “I’d never ..”
“You were in a panic”,Modo smiled. “Everything’s okay, buddy, this is new to me too.”
“But you are calm.”
“Maybe you think that i’m”, Modo bowed his head. "But the truth is that I was terribly frightened.”
Vinnie touched Modo. “Why?”
“Because I was afraid that if you knew, you might not talk to me anymore.”
“Hah! Are you really such a coward?”
Modo began to cry quietly.
“Hey, hey, come on ..”, Vinnie rubbed Modo’s chest. “Come on, it was a joke, a bad joke ..”, he blushed. “Very bad.”
Modo wrapped his arms around Vinnie. "Yeah, it was very bad ..”
They stood silent for a while.
“We can not be just friends after this ..”, Vinnie whispered.
“I know”, nodded Modo. “It would not work.”
Vinnie grinned and looked at Modo. “I’d never figured out that you want me.”
Modo blushed. “Neither do I”, he sighed. “But lately I’ve been thinking about you. Remember last week when I said I was sick?”
“Well?” Vinnie was astonished. “You were not? Then, you were acting it well.”
Modo gasped. “I had a bad feeling if we were in the same room, I could not look at you.”
“I thought that you were angry with me”, Vinnie grinned weakly. “You really love me?”
Modo nodded. “I’m sorry … I did not mean to get to..”
“Hey, hey”, Vinnie kissed Modo. “Sure you can’t. Nobody can not help it.”
Modo blushed. “Why are you so good to me now?”
“You really want to know?” Vinnie grinned.
“Yeah, I told him that you came sick on every time when you were with me. I was stupid, I did not realized it.”
“I have not said anything.”
“He said that he noticed how you looked at me. On the way how you will not be able to be close to me.”
“Well”, Modo swallowed. “I can be near you.”
“So right now”, Vinnie smiled. “I’m thinking about you lately.”
“Why else would I be here? By kissing you. Why would I say that I love you, if I did not mean it?”
“You do not say it”, Modo watched Vinnie. “How long?”
“Perhaps just as long as you do”, Vinnie blushed. “I wanted to be with you, but you left out at all times. That’s why I thought you were mad at me.”
“Baby ..”, Modo kissed Vinnie. “I could never be mad at you.”
“What about those arguing?”
“To hell with them”, Modo smiled. “Forget those.”
Vinnie nodded. “By request.”
Modo hugged him. “You do not know how happy I am.”
“Yes, I know”, Vinnie leaned closer to Modo. “You’re just as happy as I am.”

“You know”, Vinnie shrugged. "Sometimes you’re scaring me, because you’re big”, he breathed nervously.
"What?” Modo looked at him. “You? You fear me?” he tried not to laugh.
Vinnie blushed hard. “That’s it! Now you, at least, won’t scare anyone!” he snorted.
Modo calmed down. “Oh, okay, sorry”, he grabbed Vinnie’s hand. "I’m sorry, buddy, okay?” he looked at him. “I thought that you were kidding. Seriously, am I scaring you?”
Vinnie blushed hard. “I would not say it like that!” he muttered quietly. “Sometimes, just sometimes only!”
Modo sighed. “Yeah, well, good for letting me know”, he smiled. “The least thing I could ever want to, that i would got you scared of me, cutie”, his appearance went sad. “Sorry, cutie, no kidding”, he hugged Vinnie.
"Cutie ..”, Vinnie gasped and leaned against Modo’s chest.
"Yes”, Modo smiled and kissed him. “My cutie!”

Modo woke up. He felt how someone was sleeping on top of him, it was Vinnie.
Modo blinked slowly and rose gently sit up and was going to wake him up, but he did not have a heart to do it; Vinnie looked so cute. He was smiling in his sleep.
Modo breathed calmly, but as soon as he fell asleep again.
Vinnie woke up soon after Modo was snoozed down again. He looked at him; Modo looked a little scary to look in this way, and ‘cos Vinnie did not know whether he was asleep.
But then he had the courage to crawl closer to him.
He looked at him for a moment. Modo was really beautiful; his robust body was perfect.
Vinnie gently kissed Modo’s chest.
Modo blinked awake and looked at Vinnie, smilling to him wearily.
Vinnie looked at him. “Good morning, big guy!” he grinned. “It’s time to rise and shine!”

At first i was in shock, i went to cheering you, saying you were done right, you were brave, a hero. Then i came thinking that i just can’t stand to seeing you as this. You are hurt, your arm is badly wounded, and you have pain, but you keep still smiling at there. Wait, is that a tear over there..?
Then i became crying. I took a hold on you and kissed you by force. “You fool, were you trying to kill yourself or what?! You f** idiot!”