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Today was a good day

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Earlier today at work around 6:00pm, I met the prettiest hispanic girl I’ve ever seen. I met her when she came to the unit in my lane that I was working in. I can’t remember her license plate or her VIN number; all I know is that she drove a Nissan, but I couldn’t tell if it was an Altima or a Maxima. When I saw her, I was stunned by her beauty.
So, I do my whole procedure by greeting her, asking her to put the vehicle in park and place the emergency break on. After that, I grab the mirror and inspect under her car and ask her to open her gas door. Then once that was done, I asked for her test notice and double checked her vehicle information by verifying her license plates and her VIN. After I asked her for her mileage and to turn the vehicle off, I went back into my booth and entered her information. When I was done, I told her what the total was for her test and and I asked her “How would you like to pay; Cash, Card or Check?”
She replied: “Umm, card. :)”
I have never heard such a voice so beautiful and majestic in my entire life.
When I asked her to step out the vehicle, she looked really beautiful; 5’2”, nice figure, light skin, pretty eyes, glasses, skirt, blouse, flats. Wow, I had to compliment her. I said “Wow, I must say; you are the prettiest customer I’ve had all day.” She smiles and says “Awww thank you!”
While I guided her to swipe and sign at the credit card monitor, I began to run the On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) test on her car. I could not start the car because it was a press to start ignition that needs the remote near the sensor in order to start. So, I ask her for the keys and I noticed one of her keys had the Washington Redskins logo on it. I asked her if she was really a skins fan, she said “Yeeahh!” I replied by saying “Ew” and just giggled and smiled. She asked me “What are you? A Giants fan? I replied: “Hell, no. I’m a Patriots fan.”.
Then after that, I asked her if she spoke spanish and she said yes. Then after, I asked for her nationality. She said she was Honduran and El Salvadorian. Then she asked me my nationality. I told her I’m Mexican, Cuban and Italian; she just blushed and smiled. We looked at each other for no more than four to six seconds max. When the test was over, I asked her to sit inside her vehicle while I get her test results. I told that I had good news and bad news; which one would you like to hear first? She said “What’s the good news?” I said “The good news is you passed the diagnostics test. You’re good for two years. That paper is your receipt and it has to stay in the car at all times.” Then she asked for the bad news, I said: “You took my last sheet of printer paper.”. She laughed, smiled and said I made her day. I was happy that I did and said you’re welcome. I removed the chocks off her rear driver tire and asked her to remove the emergency brake, proceed out the lane with caution and to have a nice day. Before she left, she asked me for my name. I told her that my name is Vince. She said Okay with a smile on her face. I had to know the name of this beautiful angel before she left, so I replied “What’s yours?”
She replies: “Angela”
Her name is Angela
I said, “Angela, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“You too” she replies.
We look at each other for the last few seconds and she says to me “I’ll see you around.”
I immediately blushed and smiled as she drove out my lane and unit that I had for the day; Lane 3-Unit 6.
I really do hope I get see her again.