It is with a heavy heart that I write this.

On the evening of Sunday, January 5, 2014, at 7:15pm pst, our precious Vinnie took his last breath. We are all so saddened by his loss. We will miss him terribly and it will take some time to get used to him being gone. Thank you in advance, everyone, for all of your thoughts, prayers and support during this difficult time.

As for the future of this blog… Instead of posting photos of Vinnie with stuff on his head, we will be posting photos, videos and stories of Vinnie throughout his life, so you all can see what an awesome bun he was. We won’t be posting every day, but maybe once a week. Occasionally we will post an “old favorite” of Vinnie, with something on his head, but we mainly want this to be a celebration of Vinnie’s life from now on. We will also continue to post on our Twitter, Facebook, and Sulia pages so everyone can see how awesome Vinnie was.

Thank you, dear followers, for your love and support throughout the year-and-a-half that this blog has been up and running. We appreciate each and every one of you, and so did Vinnie.

R.I.P. Vinnie

Jan. 28, 2008 - Jan. 5, 2014


Know what movie makes me feel really good? Atlantis: the Lost Empire.

Vinnie is my favorite. I love his sarcastic, subtle humor and his bowl cut paired with that big, gorgeous mustache? I’m jealous. These were sketched up back the first week of May. Looking back at them today, they made me smile. Do please pardon they’re simple and also pardon that silly doodle of him rubbing his hair on Milo. :I


Sienna Kompany : My family is so great… it’s the greatest family in the whole world. [Vinnie and the stadium start laughing]

Presentator : And I bet you agree with that ?

Vincent Kompany : I can’t never disagree with my daughter.

amazing daughter though, well done Vinnie.