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What's your favorite dance with Vinnis?

The humanoid bot smiles softly to herself and thinks back to the first time they danced. “Any dance underwater, whether slow or a waltz. They have their wonders that no others can enjoy.”

Renewed sight and New realizations

 G: *She closes the portal and releases his hand to hook it on his elbow. Softly, she begins to usher him out of the room, ignoring the bedroom and entering into the halls. Glancing up and down for anyone, she nods.* When you do know, be sure to let me know.

 M1: *He hooks his arm securely around her hand and follows her out, still staring into nothing almost listlessly.* [PM: Something isn’t right. My Ba—-] *He cuts off as he trips over some glass and rubble from one of the busted in windows.*

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What do you and Vin do if you're rained inside? Cook? Watch tv? Just talk?

"Living on an island does cause quite a lot of storms. We’ve managed through with each others company, various games and activities, sleeping, but mostly talking. I prefer to talk and cook with him because we never seem to run out of things to say."