I can’t believe how close we are, and yet so far lol !My patience is close to its limits, let’s  countdown !

Soon Vincent will be reunited with the past, and i don’t know for you but i’m exited about that. I can see the chemestry the two actors have and i cannot wait to see them on screen ! Sure it’s an obstacle for catcent, but still i want to see it and i’m happy about it !

Today you get a catcent video 

I know some of you aren’t exactly happy about Alex coming in the picture, so i looked on youtube to find you a video that shows that Cat and Vincent have something beautiful (this is the name of the video !) so you know what to do  : CLICKY

And then you know, the links for ep 10 :

promo video- sneak peek - episode stills - edits on the ep -