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Austin joined the Marines because he always wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself. He’s got the look of small town boy with clear blue eyes and freckles from head to toe. He just got back from Afghanistan where he helped to capture some enemy commanders. The handsome Marine plops himself on the couch and immediately unbuttons his camouflage shirt before reaching into his pants. As his hand glides gently up and down beneath his underwear, he stares across the room. Yanking his pants lower with his left hand, he pops out a massive pink boner nestled in a mass of reddish-brown pubic hair. As the room warms up, he strips off his shirt to allow the air to cool his developed, freckled peeks. After a bit of time working on his thick meat, he eases his pants down to his boots. The fur on his white legs creates a soft glow of red. With his stiff dong poking him in the tummy, he reaches down and peels off his boots and completely strips off his pants. Kneeling briefly, his ass cheeks clenched, the soldier continues choking his pink snake. Finally settling onto his back, his body tenses and his neck flushes. He grunts enthusiastically and spews gobs of cum onto his pale abs.

Panil’s Divina Batch #1, Bottle #30 2013 (Picked up at Belmont Station in Portland). A 3 of 4. A great Italian lambic - this has the carbonation you would expect and smells relatively prominently of funk as well as some pale grain, apple, lemon, and spice/pepper. The funk in this is quite different than what I’m used to - it’s a bit vinegary and slightly minerally and salty. Somewhat champagne-like with the high carbonation and light fruit presence in the body. Quite good.

Inside Empellón Al Pastor: Spicy Pickled Cabbage


La Teca is one of the coolest restaurants in Oaxaca if not the world, essentially because it’s not at all a typical restaurant. Upon entering, you walk through an actual person’s living room—replete with a coffee table and television—to a courtyard adorned with lime trees, hoja santa plants, hummingbirds. Here, you sit at a table with a bottle of mezcal and enjoy awesome home cooked meals from the Isthmus. It is famous for garnachas, a type of antojito topped with chilito, a spicy pickled cabbage. The closest thing we have to a salad at Empellón Al Pastor, this side dish utilizes that Oaxacan preparation. In a way, ours resembles a green papaya salad in that it offers vinegary, spicy gratification.

speaking of Very Important Condiments ie Red Boat, this shit is my new sriracha alternative. It’s hotter, less sweet and more vinegary and oniony, but still has the same consistency (as opposed to ie, crystal, which is my personal liquid hot sauce go-to over tabasco and cholula). I put it on everything that I don’t put angry lady sauce on.

Drafts to be shrunk wrapped before January

To the man who loved you first, so natural in ways you find effortlessly beautiful- hulking brunette wisps and whipped lids blinking over nethermost eyes, luring you,

to him

from me, away.

I barely understand this mans allure, having met him nonchalantly over only hurried hellos. To you his voice plays perhaps piano sounded notes like strings humming into the coded center of your vibrating heart. Chomp, you have bitten, your gravity has itself been altered.

Occasionally I witness you in public and it seems now as though you are happy. Shopping the grocer with him, a quick laughing set of eyes linking, sharing the morning car ride to work; even vinegary winter wind is blowing somewhere nice, is it not?

But first it must pass these windows of which I now stare, blowing so capable, so vigorously on its way, howling.