Austin joined the Marines because he always wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself. He’s got the look of small town boy with clear blue eyes and freckles from head to toe. He just got back from Afghanistan where he helped to capture some enemy commanders. The handsome Marine plops himself on the couch and immediately unbuttons his camouflage shirt before reaching into his pants. As his hand glides gently up and down beneath his underwear, he stares across the room. Yanking his pants lower with his left hand, he pops out a massive pink boner nestled in a mass of reddish-brown pubic hair. As the room warms up, he strips off his shirt to allow the air to cool his developed, freckled peeks. After a bit of time working on his thick meat, he eases his pants down to his boots. The fur on his white legs creates a soft glow of red. With his stiff dong poking him in the tummy, he reaches down and peels off his boots and completely strips off his pants. Kneeling briefly, his ass cheeks clenched, the soldier continues choking his pink snake. Finally settling onto his back, his body tenses and his neck flushes. He grunts enthusiastically and spews gobs of cum onto his pale abs.

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Every time I see personal posts I’m like “oh no. oh no. what happened. tell you’re okay” and it’s always terrible. And then there’s you. Keep up the good work, you adorable vinegary creature


Another thing was broken. Another thing to add to his evergrowing list of things that needed fixing. At this point, Ryan might as well add his crew the list of things that needed fixing, but he seriously doubted that there was any helping them. Thankfully, though, it was just a minor break that he could easily put off until he wasn’t so fucking frustrated. How hard was it to not break the spaceship you were dependent on? It really shouldn’t be as tough as everybody he had to live with made it seem!

Ryan sighed, glaring at the person who had come to tell him the news. They were nervous, and for pretty fuckin’ obvious reasons. Breaking part of the ship was enough to make Ryan’s always pretty vinegary mood boil even more. He sighed again, looking down at his hands before resting his head upon the table in frustration. He had been trying to catch a break, but he should have known it was impossible to do so with such an annoying crew. They would be dead if it weren’t for him, and how did they repay him? Like this. Thanks for nothing, assholes. 

"Yeah, sure, whatever."

So my first kombucha endeavor was kinda eh- I successfully made vinegar! So I mixed with some water and turmeric, cinnamon and stevia for this pretty tasty tonic of health! Turmeric is a potent anti cancer compound as well as anti inflammatory! Stevia is good for your teeth, kills cavity causing bacteria and is sweet! Cinnamon helps to slow glucose release into your blood stream as well! Kombucha is fully of nutritious probiotics and since mine is very vinegary, this is the perfect morning time drink instead of lemon and water. :) hopefully batch 2 will be more fizzy and bucha-like but either way… :)

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25) I cried for the first time in a long time yesterday. Not because I was sad, but because I was happy. I heard the little 10 year old elly inside of me talking over my anorexia, she was soothing me through my chip challenge, showing me images of a little elly running down the beach with the wind blowing in her hair after eating a scrummy portion of vinegary chips. That little girl had a smile as wide as the world, a familiar glow in her eyes that I haven’t seen for a long time. I cried so much yesterday, because boy do I miss that little girl.