GMA: Why isn’t anyone listening to @Ashton5SOS? HE JUST WANTS TO DANCE!

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episode 2 of cooking with jack howard

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社会人の足取り 会社に行く時vs帰り道 #hokuto #社会人 #来た時よりも美しく 〜 ほくぴー

The way that working adults walk  When going to work vs the way home #hokuto #workingadult #morebeautifulthanwhengoingthere 〜 ほくぴー

The way that working adults walk, when going to work:

On the way back:

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Hannah Montana pickup lines (x)


the best vine of all time

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Vine by KingBach
When you trip and your spaghetti falls out your pocket.”

This video makes me so uncomfortable but I can’t stop watching

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Sleepy 〜 Underbair

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In Majora’s Mask, Link goes in search of his bff navi, but he never finds her, so I thought of an AU where after he serves as the Hero’s Shade for Twi, he’s reincarnated as a Great Fairy to care for the fairies and for the heroes.

hella less scary than the OOT great fairy lets talk about that tho.

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バイトに遅れそうになったとき急いでいたら自転車が・・・(笑)#japanese #高校生 #バイト #ありえない #ばか #もしも 〜 Renren

When I was rushing when it looked like I was going to be late to my part-time job, my bicycle… lol #japanese #highschoolstudent #parttimejob #impossible #idiot #whatif 〜 Renren

Crap, I’m gonna be late to my job.


Excuse me, please let me take today off.