Villager Raffle: Julian!


Julian is moving out of Vindex on Nov 3 (in game) but I will TT him out, and like Flurry, I have decided to raffle him off!


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  • You must have space in your town
  • Since the weekend is almost here, the raffle ends Friday 9/19 [TOMORROW] at 6pm PST

Good luck everyone!


Rainbow Scarab (Phanaeus vindex)

…a species of dung beetle that is native to North America, ranging from the east to the Rocky Mountains. Noted for its impressive ‘rainbow’ coloration this species is easily recognizable. Like other dung beetles this species will locate and move dung. Males and females will work in pairs to dig burrows beneath animal dung. After the burrows are complete they will move the dung into the tunnel, where the female will lay her eggs in it. The grubs will then feed on the dung until they pupate.



Image(s): David Almquist

Temple ov Blood
Czar Azag-Kala

Introduction: At the time of this writing, that being, the sinister year 114yf (Year of the Fuhrer) eh (Era Horrificus) and known in the Roman calendar by 2003 Anno Domini, the civilization of the West is declining at a rapid rate. This Aeon is coming to a close via natural cause, however, the fall is being agitated and the aeonic forces distorted by the Magian forces who are embodied in the term „the white lodge‟ (versus the „black lodge‟ of Sinister Adepts, Masters and Lady Masters, and Grand Masters).

Being knowledgeable that the energies of the West are on the wane, the Magians have sought to capitalize on the situation (as is not uncommon) by distorting the Western energies and also by executing and influx of energies congruent to their own purposes. The results of the Magian influence can be seen the world over, very prominent in Western Europe and pre-eminent in America and Canada especially. As sites such as Stonehenge and Babylon were esoteric strongholds for particular groups of magickians working towards specific aeonic goals in times of yore we now see places such as New York City, Los Angeles and London being utilized by primarily Magian forces who are working for their own very specific aeonic outcomes. Logically, such Magian strongholds are being and have been targeted both esoterically and exoterically by individuals and groups which are at odds with the Magian program. Some of these individuals and groups, such as Muslim extremists, are under the influence of an older, stagnant ethos which is threatened by the Magian powers and also is in sum, antithetical to the kind of program the White Lodge seeks to see realized. The variety of cultural minorities and specific aeonic cults that wish to see the downfall of the White Lodge and the Magian plans thwarted are many. Not all of them (and to be truthful, most of them do not) work towards aims themselves which could be viewed as in similitude with what is being sought by the various Sinister groups spread across the globe.

However, by seeking the breakdown of the infrastructures associated with Magian power they are being quintessentially defiant and aiding in the dismantling of certain institutions which impede a proper Imperium followed by a Galactic Aeon of sorts which has been premeditated by groups such as the Order of Nine Angles out of Shropshire, England. Certain of these groups formations, especially those that are native to the West (a European example would be National Socialism, and American example would be the state’s rights movements and the neo-secessionists) possess in themselves factors which are benevolent towards the Sinister strategy of a real, physical manifestation of Vindex - am event which will be a prelude to Imperium and a new Aeon which would flow from the (then) past Western Aeon. Such factions should be targeted and manipulated by Sinister Adepts as well as aided and subtly subverted towards Sinister purpose by Sinister Path Initiate. Even those groups which are not possessing pro-Sinister qualities but are at war with Magian forces should be aided in a way that they will hasten the downfall of the White Lodge, effectively being used by those of the Sinister Path as a sort of ‘exoteric battering ram’ against institutions that impede the Aeonic outcomes which we seek. After goals relating to their use have been completed, such groupings can be termed expendable and dismantled or properly subverted towards any number of programs according to the acting will of the Sinister Path adherent so involved.
The ‘coming of Vindex’ which is described by Grand Master Anton Long of the Order of Nine Angles as the arrival of a ‘person of destiny’ who will possess the needed skills and abilities to mount a considerable offensive against forces that are detrimental to the Sinister Dialectic and rally forces which will invoke future, Sinister energies is not an uncommon theme. Such is virtually the same as the ‘arrival of the warrior Christ’ in Aryanism influenced christian cults (He comes, his vesture dripped in blood with a sword in hand, riding upon a white horse, flanked by celestial starships to cleanse the earth planet of anti-evolutionary jewish forces and their willing lackeys) or the ‘incarnation of Kalki’ as told in the Vedic myths (a warrior figure, similar to the above mentioned ‘warrior Christ’). Such archetypes can be manipulated within their respective cults in order to, more and more, make attributes of their archetype equal to that of Vindex. Likewise, a Vindex-type figure within the primitive sub-cultural Devil Worship cults can be seen in the figure of ‘the Antichrist’ . This ‘Antichrist is the leader of darkness, a man of destiny, who is born into a physical body and rises to power in order to utterly wipe out the forces of Christianity and (magian) Messianic hopes - establishing a new Satanic Order upon the earth planet. In that sense, both ‘Christ’ and ‘the Antichrist’ are forms which can be manipulated by Sinister adherents to anticipate the arrival of Vindex.

Rainbow Scarab, face1, silver spring, md_2013-12-31-14.48.26 ZS PMax Panorama2 by Sam Droege on Flickr.

Experimental Shot. One of the problems with macro photography is that sometimes your subject is too big. In this case this lovely very large scarab beetle would not fit in the field of view of my MPE65. I could switch to a 100mm lens but I would then lose a lot of lovely detail. Fortunately I have just purchased a nice cast iron laboratory jack stand which lets me raise and lower the specimens using a knob rather than re-positioning them. For this shot I took 3 sets of stacked shots and then stitched them together in PTGui. Very quick and dirty and if you look close you can see 2 areas where the join was imperfect, but it has a lot of promise. This version is 7000 and some pixels on the long side and there is no reason I can’t stitch together an entire monster beetle. If one had the proper plotter you would then create a photograph several feet on a side.

This is Phanaeus vindex brought into the lab by my High School buddy now entomologist Wayne White, found in a swimming pool drain in Silver Spring Maryland.

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Soleil and 


 Julian have moved into Vindex!

As stated in my rules, I will raffle off Julian when he has asked to move, since he is highly sought out and to keep it fair for everyone!

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