Something he has “dreamed of capturing for decades,” Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet has released a stunning set of images that captures his hometown of New York in a way that has never before been seen. Taken from a nauseating 7500-feet above the city, Laforet’s “Gotham 7.5K” series reveals the unrelenting, pulsating energy that radiates from the Big Apple’s city grid.


Vincent Laforet:Las Vegas From 10,800 Feet Up Looks Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

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The site of the British newspaper Daily Mail published on February 11 a set of photos taken from a helicopter flying at 10,800 feet (about 3291.8 meters) above sea level by Vincent Laforet, French-American photographer and winner of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, and representing “Sin City”, the famous city of Las Vegas, at night, showing the world the lights of the city where it’s never really the night …
This set of photographs entitled “AIR: 10.8K Sin City,” is the second project of this kind of Vincent Laforet, after those he has already made over night in New York. He now plans to do so in the future in other big cities like Rio, Hong Kong and London.                     


Here’s New York City as you’ve never seen it before.

Vincent Laforet’s "Air" (or “Gotham 7.5K”) photo shoot has resulted in some of the most incredible, larger-than-life images of the Big Apple in years, becoming an overnight sensation.

Laforet — a filmmaker and photographer — packed his multiple decades of “photo mission” experience (and some serious photo gear) into a helicopter and soared to 7,500 feet—just above jetliners landing at JFK, LGA, and Newark airports. Secured in a body harness, he actually hung out of the helicopter at altitude to capture these images.

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