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Ive seen discussion on Hans being redeemed in Frozen 2, (and possibly being a love interest for Elsa) and I was looking for your thoughts. His background of abuse doesn't justify his evil. I feel like Elsa forgiving him misses a fundamental part of her character--that being that Anna is by far the most important thin to her. And since he hurt/tried to kill her, she could never forgive him. He also tried to kill her, but she thought she deserved it so eh. He can be fine AU but never in canon.

I actually have already written an analysis in which I give the examples and my reasons on why Hans is irredeemable. You’re welcome to read it; however, I am happy to share with you a couple of my thoughts from it.

Based on what happens here in this scene, this is largely why I believe Hans is incapable of redemption. I mean, here he is, about to perform coldblooded murder with a smile on his face. He doesn’t feel bad about what is going to do, nor does he feel sorry for Elsa after he made her believe that she killed Anna. Even more, Hans has succeeded in his goal in gaining the trust of everyone in Arendelle without revealing his true colors. Now that he has almost gained complete control of Arendelle, all that is left is for him to get rid of Elsa. He is also probably smiling because he is excited that his plan is just about complete, not to mention he is also eager about the upcoming praise he believes he will get for eliminating Elsa and restoring summer to Arendelle.

And then in the entire scene in which Hans reveals his real nature and explains his entire scheme to Anna, he ignores her pleas to not put out the fire, doesn’t react when she falls off the couch, and breaks Anna with what he says indirectly, yet coldly, rather than directly. Finally, in this moment, he arrogantly announces that he has already gotten away with his scheme and locks the door. Like in the later scene, Hans tries to commit (indirect) murder here, and he doesn’t even feel bad. He never once showed guilt or remorse for what he did, nor did he feel sympathetic for them.

Does that sound like a redeemable person? No way!

So with Anna, you have Hans performing indirect murder, and then he directly tries to kill Elsa. With the ways he looks acts during these two scenes in which he tries to kill the sister, his acts are not worth forgiving, so I think Anna and Elsa would be out of character to forgive him. If Hans could ever be redeemed, I can tell you that, based on the kind of person he is, it won’t happen anytime soon.


30 Day Video Game Challenge - Day 17

Favorite Antagonist

Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Ganondorf was probably my first real video game villain. Pokemon might have been my first video game, but Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time was the first time I really felt like I was up against a bad guy. I know ‘antagonist’ doesn’t necessarily entail ‘villain’, but you know me; I love villains. Ganondorf had it all; cape, final form, giant pipe organ, evil tower, minions, the works. So when I saw him, that Ganondorf specifically, reappear in Wind Waker, I lost my freaking mind. “For real?! The Ganondorf?! That Ganondorf?!”

But it got better. Wind Waker took a Ganondorf who was no longer the new hotness, but the old busted, and it still made him intimidating. You still felt his presence in the game, his effect on the world. You got to meet him face to face just so he could kick your ass. But the real crowning moment for Wind Waker Ganondorf, the real triumph, was his back-story.

Ganondorf had always been kind of ambiguous in terms of motivation. He’d been evil for evil’s sake, and that’s cool for some characters, and generally what had been expected and serviceable for Ganondorf up until that point. But Wind Waker came out of left-field and changed that; the parallel between the Great Sea and the Gerudo Desert made Ganondorf, Link, and Tetra stronger characters by presenting them a bleak landscape with the chance to change either it or themselves. But here’s what’s crucial; at no point in that did Ganondorf become sympathetic or justified. He was still the same power-hungry, self-serving bad guy he had always been. His history towed the fine line between giving a villain motive and giving a villain justification

That left an impression on me. It made Ganondorf a richer character without undermining him. Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword just couldn’t compare. So Ganondorf will always be my favorite video game villain, and Wind Waker will always be my favorite incarnation. Unless they pull out something really good for the next Legend of Zelda game.

Because You Know I Couldn’t Just Pick One Favorite Villain

Zant the Usurper King - The weakness of Ganondorf in Twilight Princess was that he was overshadowed by Zant. Zant was the real villain, even if it was Ganondorf pulling the strings. Who set up the Twilight Zones? Who cursed Midna? Who took over the Twilight? Who blocked you at every turn? And who was just the most utterly batshit insane and just plain creepy? Zant.

Dagoth Ur - Just comprehending Dagoth Ur can be a headache. He and your character have a history, and the thing is, he’s willing to offer second chances. (Even if you need mods to take him up on it.) It’s that weird blend of meta-phsyics, horror, and gentility that make Dagoth Ur my favorite of the three major Elder Scrolls villains.

Darth Traya - I’ve already gushed about Kreia, and the only difference between Traya and Kreia is a wardrobe change. Her transition into the role of The Sith Lord of Betrayal is wholly organic, if there was ever a transition at all. In the end, all you face is the same old woman who has been your guide and mentor from the beginning of the game.

Senator Armstrong - THIS MAN FIGHTS FOR YOUR FREEDOM. A libertarian ubermensch driven by nanomachines (son), Armstrong is both the antithesis and apotheosis of Raiden. His battle leaves our main character asking some profound identity questions, but mostly, it leaves us spouting memes and looking up his boss theme.

Grigori - I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; when I first saw Grigori in the trailers for Dragon’s Dogma, I thought to myself, “Now thatThat is a fucking dragon.” None of this namby-pamby wyvern nonsense; four legs, two wings, a color scheme from The Book of Revelation, and a voice to make you weak in the knees. Aside from impressive presentation, Grigori’s role and his weird brand of guidance make him more endearing while fleshing out your own character as well.

The Sun Brothers - Name which one of these three is the biggest pain in the ass. Protip: you can’t.

Lewis Legend - Lewis gets the least level presence out of any of the Dark Purveyors in Lollipop Chainsaw. Zed, Vike, Mariska, and Josie all make themselves integral to their levels, pushing Juliet and Nick forward. Lewis just sits in the back and waits for you to arrive. So how does he make up for it? By having one of the most kick-ass and extended boss fights in any video game ever. Because Rock N’ Roll will never die, baby.

Kefka Palazzo - Contending God-King of all evil clowns. Kefka has one thing over every other villain on this list. (Well, most of them.) Kefka won. Playing the part of minion, it was easy to overlook Kefka for a while until he turned into a god. And then *bam*; suddenly this game becomes a post-apocalypse.

Andrew Ryan - Let’s throw him in a room with Armstrong and see what kind of objectivist libertarian hell-hole they come up with! Like any good villain, Ryan makes himself known right from the beginning. He’s literally the first face you see in Bioshock. (If you count statues and filmstrips that is.) Ryan beats Commstock by a mile; while Commstock drags on and on with cartoonish levels of racist and evangelist diatribe, Ryan is actually charismatic. Clearly brutal and insane, but charismatic.

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4 ideas to celebrate Earth Day with wickedness and destruction
  • Awaken the trees in the dark, long forgotten forests. Send them out into the world to take back what is rightfully theirs.
  • Bring up, from the wicked depths, krakens and other beasts of brutal legend and lore. Remind those who dwell on land that their blood is based on seawater.
  • Call lightning to strike the plains. Ride the clouds and bring down your fiery wrath.
  • From the ill-begotten swamps, dredge the things that lurk in the mud and scum, that smell of filth.