elfenfairy asked:

omg brand new tho, just clicked on the link on the side literally in heaven and am going to follow that blog because yeah best band ever and i wish it was valentines day again so fucking bad because singing YOUR JUST JEALOUS COS WE'RE YOUNG AND IN LOVE for like 2/3 minutes straight was amazing and now listening to soco i get all warm and fuzzy inside remembering that moment and yeah short version of this is : BRAND NEW AHDVHFBDSHFBDSHFHSSHHS MEMZ

omg how much i love Brand New fans sharing their feelings ♥ i know, i know.
that blog is like an altar that i made for them, that i like to share with other people. like a book with collages and articles and all my favorites things. but that’s nothing to all the things that i would do for them if I could, they are so far away from me, their music is so far away from me.
when I read “omg they are playing in my city/near me and i can’t go” it drives me a little bit mad tbh.

 replied to your postvilecreature said: BRAND NEW <3 ♥ \m/(>.<)\m/ ♥

They’re my favourite band. I’m hoping they come back to the uk soonish because I really can’t wait another 3 years before I see them again. I once walked past vinnie without realising it and then when it clicked i turned round and he’d gone inside :(

at least you saw them .-.  they are like more than just s band for me. and I will probably never going to see them :(