Warrior Culture : Viking

Subculture : Viking Women

While spoken of often in myth and legend historical accounts of Shield Maidens are fewer and more controversial. That said considering the Vikings rather progressive views on eqality, their existence is assured. More recent examinations done on Viking burial sites suggests that Warrior Women may have been even more critical to that culture then ever before imagined. Beyond extensive roles in combat, Viking women were also involved in the leadership of society. Viking women also hold great status within the culture as wise women and witches. Norse women were also able to both own property, and instigate a divorce.


Today at Draugar Vinlands, we set out for our camp site after the brutal blizzard and found ourselves up to our waist in snow! Once we made it to our camp we started to remove as much snow as we could and then set about starting a fire. It wasn’t incredibly cold but the wind was merciless and unforgiving. Gathered around, we shared many stories and songs and had some great kameradschaft.



Hello everyone!
I am releasing a couple of my artworks on REDBUBBLE, its a easy website where you can chose what you want the design on. So if you want Tee-Shirts or Hoodies the site has you covered! Also tote-bags and phones case are an option too. I’ll probably release some more designs later on, but for now these are what I have up :)

Up first I have the artworks: 

Scared Samurai

Junk Bot Blues


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Thank you everyone! :)


I have all sorts of odd scraps of illustration board kicking around. I decided to start using them for super loose warmups. These guys had very minimal sketching, and were done mostly by making a huge mess with ink, gouache, and some pencil work. It’s a nice change to not spend any time worrying about thumbnail sketches, overall composition, and how everything is going to read. These guys are roughly 5”x8”.


The Raid on Paris (sneak peak); Vikings Season 3