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I would also like to add to your analysis that saying I love you to a friend is leaps and bounds from confessing it to a lover. When you say it to your friends, it's quick. It's a fact. 'We're friends, of course I love you.' There's never a moment when you confess it. You just say it. What Ragnar did was NOT that. He said it like a confession. He paused to be sure Athelstan understood. He was rattled by the emotion behind it. This is not how you say I love you to a friend.

Exactly. The emotion behind the “I love you” says it all. Ragnar paused, was shaken by the emotion, then emphasized his expression with his eyebrows and a forward nod to add impact to the statement. If it were a platonic kind of “I love you” he would have said it in a casual way with a pat on the back thrown in for good measure. But Ragnar hugs Athelstan twice after the declaration, the second time his hand is visibly shaking as he brings it to the back of Athelstan’s neck. Finally resting his hand, his fingers clutch at the fabric of Athelstan’s shirt like he doesn’t want to let go for fear it will be the last time he ever holds him. One doesn’t have to dig very deep to see this is a man declaring his love (romantic, sexual and spiritual) for the person he cares for above all else. Anyone who says otherwise is just blinding themselves to the glaring truth before them. But some people will try to explain away anything that doesn’t fit neatly into their narrow little boxes. 

Lagertha’s character speaks to women in our day and age. I’ve lived through cheaters, abusers, and battle men trying to take my power away from me daily. I support myself, have more credentials, and make more money than most men my age. I fear never having children, while the Aslaug’s of the world have child after child. But we’re fighters and survivors - I am she and she is me. Clive Standen said Hirst doesn’t write “strong women”; he writes “women,” and that is the truth. That’s what we are.

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Athelstan’s dead, what’s the point

A playlist made for you, to deal with the awful loss, made by me. Always updating; I’ll add new songs as I discover them.

Listen here on youtube because I had an argument with 8Tracks and couldn’t figure it out. So, have a good old YouTube Playlist. 

Listen here on Spotify. Minus a few songs, which weren’t on Spotify. I downloaded and added some of them, but I don’t know if they will work for you.

Now, I don’t know how to make one of those fancy promos, so I’m just gonna list all the songs here:

1. Long Gone - Mary Epworth | 2. Lover’s Eyes - Mumford & Sons | 3. Home - Mumford & Sons | 4. How Could You Babe? - Tobias | 5. Home - Theo Adler | 6. Ghosts That We Knew - Mumford & Sons | 7. All I Want - Kodaline | 8. Dreaming With A Broken Heart - John Mayer | 9. How To Save A Life- The Fray | 10. Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt | 11. If You Wanna - The Vaccines | 12. Earth Meets Water - Rigby | 13. From Eden - Hozier | 14. Silent Storm - Carl Espen

In Europe at least in Britain an actor signs a yearly contract for a TV Series which implies it can be a bit of a problem if the actor is offered another contract which prevents filming more episodes the following year for the first show. Being Human UK lost ATurner to PJackson Hobbit as Kili. Worse was to come when the show lost almost at same time 3 characters because good for them the actors had other contracts. Athelstan had to be killed off. Hirst had no other option. Sorry, guys.

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