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So this is part two of the images found in The Art of DreamWorks Animation How to Train Your Dragon 2 section. 

Part one 

The first two pictures are spread across two pages and the box reads:

"I’ve always been interested in the North and South Poles, and the movie gave us the opportunity to head north, deep into the Arctic, and explore the vast, beautiful wilderness of the North Pole. We took an amazing research team to Svalbard which is the last spot of land up north, and it was crawling with polar bears"

  -Dean DeBlois, Director

close up:



1.  hat necklace / Top (by secret) / Bottom / shoes

2.  hairband /  Top / Bottom /  shoes

3.  scarf / outfit + bag / shoes

4.  Shoulder Cardigan (by shmoopiesims) / Top / Bottom / shoes

5.  earrings / piercing / hat (original by 77) /  Top / Bottom / shoes 

6.  earrings /  hat  /  Top / Bottom /  shoes

7.  glasses /  hat (original by 77)/ necklace / camera /  Top / Bottom (by secret) / shoes 

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