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…Viita Vuitton - These look so yummy.. on We Heart It -


Viita Vuitton’s NICE vlog (no complaints for once!) LOOOOL..

Note to self..

Please trust your instincts.. Even if they aren’t always right, the majority of the time they are.

Always apologize if you are wrong.. BE the bigger person.

Take people at face value. A lot of shady people are around at the moment and you need to be fully aware of their intentions. Weed out the weeds and maintain the flowers. However always keep your eye on the flowers because just like dandelions they may look nice and pretty but underneath they are just like the rest. WEEDS.

Don’t be so paranoid. Not everything is bad and not everyone is out to get you. RELAX.

Stop having TRUST ISSUES!


VV xo

Note to self..

Note to self:

You need to stop over analysing everything.

It just causes too much headache and too much drama. You stress yourself out entirely and end up being in the worst mood ever. Like ultimate bitch mode “I’ll end up strangling a hoe” mode. Nobody likes that.

Another note to self:

I know you don’t like smiling but try to do it more often. People won’t think you are a complete bitchface. You are in fact quite sweet underneath it all. To the right people too. Sometimes tbh you are too nice BUT that’s another thing.

Another another note to self:

I know you are the ultimate drama queen HOWEVER it doesn’t need to be a daily occurrence. Stop being so highly strung and calm the fuck down.




I'm so rubbish i'm sorry..

Hi gorgeous guys and dolls..

I’m so sorry I keep vanishing on you.. I’m so completely useless.

I was off work AGAIN (I know I’m just using up my leave before December) and had no laptop with me to blog.

I know I can blog on my iPhone but I just prefer not to.. I just don’t enjoy it as much.

However yes I had a lovely week off seeing my family and spending time with my oldest friend from school. It’s funny how people change and as much as I love her I’m the crazy wild one and shes the sensible mummy lol.

So yeah I didn’t do much. Relaxed, babysat my god daughter, went out for dinner a few times and got a new tattoo.. I’ll upload a photo later.

Anyway I’m back so I’ll upload some new songs, photos and a rant shortly..

Hope you’ve all been well?

Love & kisses,

VV xo

Get to know VV..

Okay so a quick break in-between the photos, quotes and music..

10 facts about me so you guys can get to know me more (if you have any further questions please ask me?)..

1. I am absolutely obsessed with Hip Hop. Like ridiculously obsessed. When I’m an old lady I’ll be driving along blasting out my Weezy, Yeezy and Jay lol.. I can’t listen to anything else it’s just ridiculous. The funniest thing is people’s reactions when they hear the music and see who’s blasting it. Some short little white girl.

2. My favorite place in the world is Las Vegas. I’m all about the glitz and glamor and I have been going since I was 4 years old. We have family out there so it’s been a regular holiday destination for me. I just love staying in a luxury 5* for 2 weeks, eating the best food & shopping in the best shops. I always stay at MGM Signature (if you go Vegas stay there!) and just live in the forum @ Caesars Palace.

3. My taste in men is apparently odd. I love love loveeee Reggie Bush, Kanye West, The Game & Lil Wayne. I just love the swagger and attitude these guys have (except Reggie.. The body and face is enough!).. *fans herself*

4. I am absolutely obsessed with tattoos.. I need more but I love them on other people too. Only GOOD tattoos though. I have 3 and in the process of thinking of my fourth.

5. I always have really long nails.. Blame my best friend for my addiction. They are either red or pink. I just think they are so sexy. Makes your fingers look long and slim and elegant. Not some stubby short bright coloured fingernails like you are 12.

6.  Another obsession.. High heels. I only wear heels. NOTHING else. If I wear flats my feet hurt *blushes*..

7. My parents are Belgian so I am officially a Belgian Bun lol.. I love Belgium.. IF you haven’t been you need to go! Especially if you have a sweet tooth!

8. When I was on Nickelodeon Kids and got slimed on TV.. Did you know that the slime is made out of food so if swallowed it doesn’t cause any harm? It tastes like apple sauce too lol..

9. Horror movies are my all time favourite. Forget rom com’s or action movies.. I can’t think of anything better then snuggling up in bed and putting on I.T. As soon as a new horror comes out (October - Paranormal Activity 3/Fright Night!!) I’m there!!!!

10. My most important thing in my handbag is my lipgloss. Followed by my iPhone and my BB. I got rid of my BB last year and like a fiend I got it back again and we are in love once again. My phones are permanently in my hand its ridiculous.

Anyway that’s enough for now..

VV xo