A Night of Whites

It used to be that many wines that were entered into the MidAmerican Wine Competition were overly sweet.  Thank god that’s not completely the truth anymore.  Though it still sees its fair share of sweet ones (my stomach can attest to that).

Tonight I tasted two wines that had been opened on Friday or Saturday of last week and went straight to my fridge.  Fortunately, they both ended up being fairly decent.  

The first was Adam Puchta’s “Desire.” I could drink this whole bottle.  It was light and crisp with hints of apple and slightly floral.  Right away I thought, “Oh, this is a goody.” Happily I have an unopened bottle of it on deck.

For some reason I can’t get to the picture I took of this one, I’ll post it later.

The second was te 2012 Dry Vignoles by Noboleis Vinyards from Augusta, Mo. This one was still good and very drinkable.  Though a little more sweet than the other wine tonight. It has a nice citrus hint to it.

oops, that’s not quite in focus.


De nuit, passant par la rue des vignoles, j’avais trouvé l’enseigne étrange. Étaient-ce les vapeurs de l’alcool? Je n’avais pas pensé que ce mot pouvait être autre chose qu’un adjectif.
J’ai fini par rencontrer Laïd quelques années plus tard. Il est toujours là, veilleur d’un quartier populaire qui disparaît.

Jack of Ηearts: La Hire

My vision of Étienne de Vignolles, called La Hire who was a French military commander during the Hundred Years’ War. He was a close comrade of Joan of Arc and one of the few military leaders who believed in her and the inspiration she brought. He fought alongside her at Orleans.
La Hire is commemorated as the face of the Jack of Hearts in French playing cards.

self portrait by Alexei Siozov

Whoever said “you can’t be productive and drink wine” never lived with us. We’ve got Concord, Niagra, Strawberry, Delaware, Catawaba, Seyval, and Vignoles racked out of the primaries. #homemadewine