4/7/13 at Chain Reaction.

This was taken when The Ghost Inside performed ‘White Light’. That song, means so much to me. I know how Jonathan feels, I know what he went through. It’s so hard losing someone close to you. I won’t go into what my story is, but I still deal with it till this day. Anyways…I was front and center for that song. Vigil saw me crying uncontrollably (judge me). But yeah, he held me, sang to me in a way. Just….held my head in his arms. It was so meaningful. I screamed into the mic for most of that song too but like, I could hear the emotion in his voice….his eyes told a story. it’s hard to explain. This band has helped me deal with all the negative bullshit in my life. When I met Jonathan for the second time, I thanked him for everything. He also wrote “stay positive” on my ticket. And I’ve been doing just that.This photo means all the world to me. And i’m so thankful the photographer captured this moment. 

Credit: http://krystinalfonso.tumblr.com/